Hell is empty. All the devils are here. - Shakespeare

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Perfection through silence.

What is a day, when pensive thoughts swarm your being? When unanswered questions dominate your vision... everything seen through those shattered rose coloured glasses. Nothing looks the same anymore. And when the light blinds your eyes, the burst of colour almost too much. When you sit and close your eyes and bid your time to adjust to the light... The reality of sight appears before you and you are torn... torn from the memory of your monochromatic vision to... to... accept that the prism, of that unwelcomed ray of morning sunlight through the edge the window's glass, separates into more than just one, single colour. It's almost hard to accept - all of the pretty colours. Rose has not become absent, it has just become in spite of. It is, right there, in the midst of colours still. Existing. It is in the painted wall of old bedroom. It is in the petals of my mother's Jerba flowers in her garden. It is in my favourite comfy t-shirt and those pants I rarely wear. It is in my Love-a-lot Care Bear from Nads...

Nothing remains static, yet change always seems to catch me off-guard. Not that I can't handle it, it just always seems to be shaking things up, like a snow globe. The snow bits settle and next thing I know they're all over floating again. Perhaps it's just me, but despite knowing better, things seem to freeze like a photograph in my mind when I leave. Yet I remain shocked when I change, and return to the places that have changed like I have.

But what about... there's nothing like returning to a place that has remained the same, to only find out how much you have changed?

Come on Shelli... You must get tired of retracing your footsteps, questioning your decisions. Final means final.

I honestly believe some of us have found heaven on Earth... whilst some have single-handedly made their way to hell... after all, that road is paved with good intentions.


Another story for the collection of memories.
And I will never make the same mistake again.
-'Waiting' Finch


Suspicion of lies is one thing. Confirmation of lies is another.
Shelli out.

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