Everything's not lost.

By 8:54 PM

Ok so my illness is easing up. I think night is when i feel my worst. Around midday i started feeling better... NOW my lower back ache is returning, as is my headache, as is dizzy spells, as is my skin aches...

I reckon this post shalt not be very long.


I went to the doctor today. After many extreme hypotheses ranging from West Nile fever to Dengue and all sorts of extremities (much thanks to Google... for making me worry more) it turns out this may all be due to stress, allergies (and the flu). Nothing that can't be cured with sleep, antihistamine and lots of liquids.

MNIB is launching this soup-a-day thing. I tried it. Today was the first day. My taste buds are all on vacation, so all i can taste are the reaalllly strong seasoning and such. Thus, i *think* it tasted not too bad. I'll surely try it again sometime - granted i am in town coincidentally, i want soup, and they still have this soup-a-day endeavour running.


I've been studying. Better late than never right? I'm actually growing in confidence for this exam. Naturally, i came up with all sorts of ridiculous justification not to do it as well as shifting and allocating of blame in the event of failure. However, this exam is for me. I can totally do this. And like i always say, people have done more with less before... so why not me?

I've been pounding Real Property. It all makes sense now... Just need to get a handle on my cases and i'm good to go.


With the exception of this post (post # 70) i have 69 posts... hehehe


Oh and Ames, when and if you read this... remember all is not lost. What does not kill makes you stronger... and every obstacle is a potential opportunity to rise above if work it properly.

P.S. 'You live, you learn' Alanis Morissette

You live.... you learn, you love.... you learn
You cry.... you learn, you lose.... you learn
You bleed.... you learn, you scream.... you learn
You grieve.... you learn, you choke.... you learn
You laugh.... you learn, you choose.... you learn
You pray.... you learn, you ask.... you learn
You live.... you learn

This day too shall pass.


With a grimace ...
Shelli limps away in pain ...
to her bed chamber ...
in hopes of a quick recovery ...

Shelli out.

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  1. Stupes, West Nile Virus... Do I need to say I told you so cause I did