Yankees vs. Dodgers

By 9:52 AM
Guess who was able to go to a ball game with premium tickets as a vvip? The most important part of this experience was the gourmet food and sky blessings which caused the game to get postponed so I could experience it twice. My cousin organized the tickets for us... These tickets come up to roughly a grand or more for the seasons purchase - you don't buy just one, you buy the season. You enter through the Legends entrance and dine there as well. And the seats? We're talking first row behind first base seats.

This is fresh mozzarella with pesto and red pepper sauce.

This is raspberry gelato! Like... the kind in 'Eat, Pray, Love'

They bring the yummy gourmet food to you OUTSIDE to YOUR seat upon request...!

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First day out the house to Manhattan

By 9:23 AM
Hello folks! I'm officially in New York - coming to the conclusion of my second week. I've taken lots of photos. I can't promise an elaborate write-up but definitely a photo-blog-like documentation of my trip as I get computer/internet access sporadically. Keep checking...


When this photo was taken, there was an old man on the other side of the glass, who was walking his dog that stopped and framed my camera with his hands.

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Salmon w/ chives and olives!

By 3:39 PM
Chopped up my onions and garlic.

Halved my olives.

Cut up my chives.

Open and drained my caanned salmon.

Heated a spoonful of butter.

Added in my salmon.

Tossed in my olives!

and Viola! Sandwiches!

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Paint clean up!

By 3:07 PM

 I finally finished a private commission I was working on and found use for that canvas I got my bf to spray paint black for me. I had a bit of excess paint left over so I decided to finish it up with a semi-abstract piece.

Drew in a sketch with white paint using a line brush.

Proceeded to add in some yellows... letting the black from the canvas add values to the paint.

I got lazy and started applying the paint straight to the canvas and then proceeded to work it in...


Proceeded to peel  of the masking tape... but it's not dry as yet so I didn't peel it all off so that it could stay on the board to finish drying on the easel.


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Eared dove rescue...

By 2:56 PM
So there's a cherry tree outside my bedroom window that a bird decided to nest in. Every time we went to pick cherries, we'd see the mom and her babies until...

...One afternoon I heard angry flapping. The neighbour's cat snatched the mom. Mom and I ran outside to attempt to get her freed but the cat held on and ran. Mom followed him all the way to the neighbour's house whose window he jumped in.

Needless to say, they were very amused. My mom was very upset about the new orphaned babies. without a mom to show them the ropes of survival. We brought them inside so the cat wouldn't get them. The next day, I called a friend of mine at Ministry of Forestry and he passed and collected the pair of siblings.

Hopefully they survived!

All those white things on the ground are feathers :(

Feather from the mommy bird :(

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Deviled eggs!

By 2:44 PM
I've been putting my culinary skills to great use. I've always loved deviled eggs so I decided to try it myself!

I grabbed 3 eggs to experiment with. 
Filled the saucepan with water.

Ensured the water level was ABOVE the eggs. Then removed them... and put the water on to boil...

I added in my eggs and then...

I set my timer for 12 minutes!

I put a fork full of mayo, a bit of mustard, a pinch of salt and black pepper into a bwl.

Diced up my onions!

Alarm went off...!

Emptied the water and re-filled with tap water.

Peeled my eggs. I then halved them LENGTH WISE.

Placed the cooked yolks in the bowl and...

...Proceeded to mix everything together (onions included)

Re-stuffed my halves

Dinner is served!
It was soooo yummy! My recipe is pretty simple and gets the job done. These also make great hor d'ovres. You can also add anything else you want to add to the mixture.

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