La la lie.... fighting providence pt. 2

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And so there i sat, submerged to my chin in 2-3 feet deep water, my back to the sun. I smiled to myself. The irony is that i had three epiphanies in that single moment - firstly, it was a good idea to come back into the water. It no longer felt freezing cold. Secondly, most of my grand epiphanies happen on Grand Anse beach. Thirdly, i had my decision.

The water was nice... and calm. It didn't crash against the shore, it was all smooth and gentle movements - like a caress... like a whisper against the sand...

I looked on. After frolic and moments clandestine, there isn't much one can do but sit and look on...

I acknowledged that when i finally decide to rise out of the water, i would be different. I acknowledged that every footstep left a definite footprint walking away... something visual, something tangible, something that can't be ignored.. And every tentative step towards the tree, where my clothes was, was one step closer to the person i am becoming...

Scary, but reassuring at the same time. For once, life is going in the direction it's supposed to. For once....


They say experience teaches wisdom
And over the past few years
I've had just about every kind of experience
And i've shed a few tears
So at this stage of my life,
To be honest with you,
I really don't care.. whether or not...
I have the approval of a few of my peers...

....To my fans, love you to the max
and you know the important ones...
...To my enemies..
Thanks for the motivation
And God gave me the strength to stay strong
-'Intro' Tanya Stephens


Oh great... i'm not even sure how this night got turned around... Now the mood is all sombre and depressing... and it all started with something entirely innocuous which resulted in me being just as bad as the guilty party... so i figure this would be the time to be quiet on all accounts for the rest of the night...

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This is how we disband.
Shelli out.


P.S. I got a new hit counter...

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  1. arthur cadieux9:42 AM

    Thank you for showing my pieces in your work.
    Arthur Cadieux