Annadale Pool (of the waterfall)

By 6:46 PM
When I was much younger, I did a pastel piece of the Annadale waterfalls. I stumbled upon it recently and decided to give it another shot. The reference I used is one on this blog that I took when doing an island tour with a couple visiting friends, Maurissa and her cousin.

The first time I did a piece like this it was on white paper. Now this time it's on black paper. What I've discovered about using black paper is that it makes the images pop a lot more intensely than on white. Yes, it changes the tones of some colours like yellow and orange to a green-ish/brown-ish tinge but that can be quickly avoided if it's too bothersome by layering first with white.

Pardon the varied photo quality... my camera died somewhere along this journey and I was forced to rely solely on my crappy blackberry camera.

First I layed down the initial colours for the stone and water. I used a mixture of light green, blue and yellows for the water.
Proceeded to add in minor details to the rock face and foliage while blending in.

Added in the flowing-over grass.

Blended in the grass and added the vines.

Everything blended in!
Oh! And Happy Birthday to me! (Quarter century)

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Fish on ice

By 3:00 AM

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Strength, Courage & Wisdom

By 6:29 PM
I've been experimenting a lot with black paper these days. I've had this pad for years and found it so intimidating... However, I finally got over my hesitation to start using it. The experience has been truly addictive thus far. (My boyfriend actually does think I'm addicted to it) 

Something else that's outside of my comfort zone is drawing fishes. The Mahi-Mahi that I painted a couple days ago was incredibly difficult for me. At many points I wanted to give up (as per usual) but I persevered. Now that the mental block against fishes is gone, I want to do a few more fish and underwater scenes.

I've been doing a lot of pieces these days at work. However, I shall be posting these sort of artwork updates  with the progression of the piece to completion every Sunday and/or Wednesday. SOOOO check for updates...! (Do note, this isn't the final look for the pieces as they are unframed/unmounted, I will do a collective post with mounted pieces once I do so. Saving up to pay for framing currently.. SPONSORS/DONATIONS WELCOMED :D)

I selected the koi as my second fish attempt as I was looking for something symbolic in tune with a song that was stuck in my head that morning "Strength, Courage & Wisdom" by India Arie. These fish tend to be associated with such I discovered and I guess... that's the reason for their popularity in tattoos and such. The colours selected for the fish primarily being red & yellows are also considered to be symbolic of the same theme I was going for.

First I sketched it with a pencil lightly.

Then I outlined the pencil with a white pastel pencil.

I proceeded to fill in the pastel colour. I thought it looked sooooo pretty at this stage I was tempted to leave it with the faux impasto look created by just layering the colour.

The colour blended in with my fingers and a blending tool.

Background "river" added in.

The background blended in.

Piece completed but unmounted.

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Come on and tune in... I said you ride in... cuz dis here session is vital - Cool runnings...

By 8:41 PM
This photo above is something I found online and oddly enough, while it made me giggle a little, it resonates with me. "If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it... the tree needs a better marketing strategy."

Which brings me to Life Lesson # 17 : Nobody cares... I mean some do, but not really

Ever felt like a tree falling in the forest in a world of indifference? Sure it makes a sound... but how relevant is that sound? Does that sound change the price of rice in China? Does that sound lower taxes and VAT? Does that sound pay for a round trip to Alaska? But if that tree should fall upon or near you... that sound will be many things including damn well be relevant at that point.

Today a friend told me it's time to wake up out of La La Land and realize that while there is good in the world, one must approach it with caution because the world isn't filled with people just waiting offer a helping hand to their fellow man like what the Bible implies we should expect and do... Rather, the world is filled with people. Everyone has an agenda. Some people are more stringent with their agendas, others not so much, and others are vaguely aware that they have one but I'm quickly learning that. I'm becoming aware that with that said... if your agenda aligns with someone else's or poses no threat to their advancement it usually means cool runnings. However, should that not be the case, be prepared to be that tree that needs a better marketing strategy. Some people would just choose to work against you or undermine you for no real reason but, that's life...!

The reality is not everyone will like or support you. Those that will undermine you or work against you might be the very people you thought were on your team. It's important to try and not let that damper your spirit. Take it in stride. Accept human error on both parts. Rise above and go higher yet towards whatever your agenda is.

It's irrelevant what others think. Hard to ignore at times, but true. Besides...

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” ― Winston Churchill

So it serves one best to do what needs to be done with the method that harms none or the least and master the art of ignoring. Generally, people are only moved but that which touches them or affects them directly... and even then sometimes it has to touch them very deep to possibly hurt to inspire any sort of empathy or human sympathy. Therefore, it's usually futile to try to "make someone understand" in situations that have solidified in his/her mind.

Best to let your actions speak for themselves and focus your mind towards fruitful actions.

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Hear, speak and see no evil...

By 6:11 PM
Today wasn't too hectic at work so I decided to attempt to use some black paper I have and experiment with pastels. I had previous horrible experiences with pencil crayon against black paper, trying to navigate the struggles to getting the colour to show through. (Simply lay white pencil crayon first before laying any other colour on... yes, finally use for that white pencil crayon...)

So I wanted to do a three part piece. I penciled in my dimensions onto the page and started a sketch.

Then started the pieces individually

So it's not cut and mounted as yet... but they're going to be a 3 part series titled
"Hear no evil," "Speak no evil" and "See no evil."

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So long as you groove me, baby

By 10:35 AM
These two are also additions to my 2013 pieces thus far. As per usual, I used Candice's eyes as a template but I wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do with the piece. I had panel canvas board but I really wanted to paint and play with colour. I also wanted to experiment with my paint sticks alongside acrylic paints. Progression as follows...

Then I had the blessed opportunity to see a new dear friend Quincy perform. Richie was looking for band members and I remembered Quincy telling me that he's a bass guitarist in a local band and going on and on about his guitar the way I would about a new set of paints or pencil crayons. Funnily enough I had met Quincy through Richie but I linked them with the music stuff and was granted the chance to see them have a musical fun session together. The energy was amazing and it's hard to not want to be creative in the midst of all that creativity... so I took a few snaps and came up with this.

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Discovery of Little Lambie

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I made the decision recently to reunite with one of my loves - the beach. Seeing that I'm coincidentally trying to partake in more marine oriented projects, my new effort to go swimming/kayaking as often as possible would surely strengthen me and develop some skills. Unfortunately, I don't have an underwater camera case so I can't offer any personal underwater shots... but as we go along and swim over the reefs and sea grass beds Andre, my trusted, expert swimming buddy, would enlighten me as to what the different species are so that I could then Google then for you... haha

There was this interesting black cloud in the water that turned out to just be a school of fish moving through. Yes... yes... I know. But never see-come see, first time I've ever witnessed such in my life. As fate would have it, we swam through it coming back from the reef and the barely 2 inch long little fish look nothing close to intimidating when swimming through them.

Andre's son, Andre jr. chasing the school

Me and mum mother's day prepping for the water... I had the brilliant idea to go kayaking UP the beach AGAINST the wind playing strong man. My arm muscles ached for about 2 days after. And the funny thing was my mom and I were in one kayak and my boyfriend in another. See him well oaring away lying down and all kinda style cutting the waves and passing me with ease while I'm there trying to keep a straight face with a struggle to keep up. It was like those cartoons where one character is struggling and the other character is dancing gracefully in circles around the one struggling. Old Guyanese proverb goes 'easy lesson good for dunce,' lesson certainly learned. On the plus side, my mum enjoyed it so I was very pleased.

Look how bright and pretty the beach looked today!!

 Me preparing to head in...

Andre organizing the gear to go.

In this moment I'm 99.9% sure Andre was telling me we were going to try a 20 ft dive today and I was being panicky going"Wait... WHAT?! Uh.. NO!" Turns out he was joking - THANK GOD! 

Later on I talk about my first dive grabbing a sea egg... that's the spot thereabouts I believe we were as that ship way out is the landmark... And we were right in front of it.

To date I've seen in Grand Anse... (photos selected at closest resemblance to what I actually remembered seeing)

Flying Gurnards 
(I thought this looked like a little dragon (Toothless from 'How to train your dragon' to be specific) from the surface. The visibility wasn't that clear the day we went and I was still in my coward-non diving/I'll watch you *thumbs up* state of mind.

Blue Tang

Rock Hind

French Grunt

Trumpet Fish

This one below actually was my first practice for free diving. Andre showed me how and then dived with me to the 9 ft depth to pick up a sea egg. I did it twice.. Woot! So pleased with myself...!

West Indian Sea Egg

Long Spined Sea Urchin

Caribbean Reef Squid (saw about a dozen of these)

Elk Horn Coral


And lastly, meet Little Lambie, the conch. And yes, before you ask, nail polish and the sea don't seem to be too friendly. Sea water apparently is a natural nail polish remover remedy with no damage to the nail. *wink*

Little Lambie hiding

Little Lambie getting curious...

Little Lambie getting brave.

Little Lambie getting TOO brave for me so I...
...gave Little Lambie to Andre so I could snap a nice photo

Andre Jr. returning Little Lambie to her home.
Now I'm genuinely poofed...

Returning to bed!

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