Sunday, September 28, 2014

Guess who's back?

Believe it or not, there is a perfectly good explanation for me almost year long disappearance.

My laptop issues were at an all time high, that culminated in me simply not having access to one. Yes, I had bought my tablet with a keyboard over last summer but I could not find an app that allowed me to layout my posts in a uniform manner the way I try to do. There were limitations with basic edits, photo placements, watermarking, etc.

Then later on that same year I got an abscess on the center of my chest. I never knew how traumatic the doctor's office can be when you have an abscess nor how painful an experience it is. Although many thought I was exaggerating, that's the closest I've ever come to being afraid of dying. There's something about your doctor going "Oops.." when pumping a syringe of hydrogen peroxide into your chest when the tissue bursts and you can feel the burn shoot across your shoulder and the bubbles under the skin up your neck, that doesn't resonate with reassurance. Not to mention the emergency surgery that ensued. I was in so much pain that when the surgeon asked if to do a quick incision or give me anesthesia, all I could do was cry. The anesthesia didn't work earlier, what difference would it make now?

This was me after the first visit and had antibiotics pumped in.

The wound had a tiny piece of plastic that felt like a scapel slice each time it was reinserted after cleaning at the doc's office. This was to make sure everything drained out and that the wound heeled properly from the inside. Who ever knew what significance the center of your chest has until there's a tiny piece of plastic in it. When I went to bed, I had to stay in the position and not move. I walked hunched. Even breathing required conscious thought in certain positions because it was that painful.

How I look now, after surviving, rocking my scar with shades and lipstick.

But I'm grateful for the experience. It is in difficulty who see who will be around and who's genuine.

Plus, I worked on a boat, taught toddlers, had a co-exhibition, took a spontaneous trip to Dominica, fete the rest of summer and now.......I have access to a netbook again to resume posting again.

I shall be doing some posts on my trip, art, and other random tidbits past and present.

Peek back soon.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

A rose by any other name... would smell as sweet.

I made it to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with my bf's sister and her kids. I must say... I don't recall ever going to a garden with the idea of it being fun  or entertaining... however the experience was just that! It was so beautiful! There were so many spots that were perfect for picnics, weddings, reading a book, deliberating on life.... and it was fascinating to see different fauma classified according to climate and geographical zones. Some of them recognizable because of the nature of my degree rrequiring some awareness of flora and fauna to identify habitats. Others, just curious how they were able to maintain the ecosystems in each self contained bubblesphere. Do enjoy the shots!




Bonsai Garden