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Pups first beach day

By 10:07 AM
I got two puppies earlier this one. The brown pup is named Amber Rose and the white one is named Snowie. They're super cute and fluffy as you can see. These photos were taken on one of their earlier trips to the beach when they were still afraid of the water but in love with the sand. Since they discovered the sand, these two won't stop digging and trying to eat it. I have no idea what is truly so fascinating about the sand. 

Here are the pics and a short video of them digging to China.

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Christmas ideas!

By 12:47 PM ,

So folks, Christmas is coming and the struggle to find the perfect gift is upon us. I personally have changed my mind at least 5 times on gift ideas for the special people in my life. In fact, Liz from over at Sandals and Sunnies gives the most thoughtful gifts that I'm racking my brain as to what would be a truly special gift for her, as well as a few others that have been kind to me and brought sunshine into my life.

This year my gift ideas have been revolving around unique jewelry. I've been digging through the webosphere on Etsy, Pinterest, etc. looking for the most unique ideas and stumbled across this little gem. In my searching, I stumbled across the Emma Winston collection of floating jewelry.

Photo Credit: Emma Winston

Of course, as an artist, this instantly made it into my list of bookmarked gift ideas. It was the first time I saw these type of earrings made where it has the appearance of "floating." I've been granted the good fortune to be able to offer not only a giveaway on my blog BUT a 15% off discount to my readers (Promo code: AUDIENCE15OFF and you can click on my sidebar picture to go directly to the site).

Giveaway below or click here:

Feel free to enter! You may win yourself a perfect gift for you or someone special in your life... and if you don't win, use my code to score any of your favourite pieces at a special discount!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a discount for myself and my audience. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Gift of luxury

By 11:24 AM
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Photo credit: BrandBacker

Due to my recent bout of sickness from gastro, which is typically waterborne, I have a new appreciation for bottled water. While I support local brands, I do support any brand that endeavours to quench my thirst with high quality H2O. With that said, I've been granted the opportunity to be a part of a campaign with Evian Natural Mineral Water to help promote a facial spray giveaway the Wilkes Group is hosting.

Evian is a French water brand. The water source starts it's journey from the famous French Alps down through glacier sand and rock filters to a deep underground catchment. Aside from providing high quality water, the world established brand launched the first facial spray in the US back in 1978. However, the facial spray was first launched at home in France in 1962 as per request of doctors for burn patients. How interesting is that? The water contained in the spray is tested 300 times per day to ensure that when the customer gets the product, be it 10 years ago, now or 10 years in the future, that two things are guaranteed - quality and consistency of the unique mineral content. The French Government takes great pride in ensuring the approved standards for the mineral water for consumption. Evian is the only brand to carry skin care product in the USA to contain mineral water, and one that is a popular first choice to drink worldwide. The Evian brand can be found in over 120 countries, including that of little Grenada. Let it be noted that when you're walking through NYC or any of your favourite cities and see your trusted skincare retailers like Sephora, they carry the Evian facial spray as well.
Photo credit: Brand Backer

So back to the giveaway! The Wilkes Group has brought together a French luxurious giveaway with Longchamp and Evian to giveaway a "Le Pliage" backpack, in stylish, durable, water-resistant nylon topped with a textured leather handle and logo-embossed flap, which retails at $125. It is filled with one 10 oz., one 5 oz., and a trio of travel-sized Evian sprays (over $175.00 total value)

That's not all...! Three runner ups will receive a Longchamp pochetter toiletries case, with embossed leather trim in durable, water-resistant nylon, accented with goldtone hardware, which retails at $50, and filled with a trio of travel size evian sprays (over $70.00 total value).

Click here to go take part:
Want to know more about Evian Facial Spray:

Disclosure: Sponsored post I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Pug life. It's real out here.

By 5:41 PM

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway! The winners have already been notified privately by the main host and received their prize. The two winners were Kristen S. and Joanne G.

My projects at work are finally picking up momentum and having me busy making sure everything is in order. In the midst of that has been bouts of sickness. I caught a bug going around locally that is like gastro or is gastro. I don't remember what the doc said but I do remember how miserable I felt, it being the worst tummy pain ever and how weak it made me after.

With that said, I have a few adventures to post soon.
Hugs and kisses,
Boil your drinking water,

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Somewhere I made a wish, on lucky Denver mint.

By 11:40 AM

Earlier this year, I had the amazing opportunity to work at Dive Grenada, a 5 star PADI certified dive shop located at Flamboyant Hotel, at the end of Grand Anse beach. For the 4+ months that I was there, I made lots of amazing connections and friendships as well as added to my list of amazing life experiences. 

What made it so amazing to me? Lots of things. Whilst the folks around me were busy becoming doctors and lawyers, even though I'm teetering well into my late 20s, there were a few things I've always wanted to do. Many years ago, when I was younger, I had come to that very same dive shop and asked about learning to dive and the cost. Of course then I was too young... probably about 10 or 12 years old. However, after I finally finished up university last year and wanted to get a job that allowed me some extra time to play with, I couldn't pass up this opportunity when I heard they were looking for a dive shop attendant. A few years ago, I had dedicated my summer to conquering my fear of the sea. I had developed a good relationship with the lifeguards and was able to persuade them to help me on my quest. As fate would have it, Andre, the lifeguard and dear friend that went out with me the most, helped me score my first(and only) job on a sailboat where I got to practice my free diving skills that he taught me on professional snorkel tours. Then, it so happens that he had worked at Dive Grenada coincidentally prior to my arrival there.

I had the delightful experience of being in the sea almost every day, carrying out tours guided by yours truly, learn about marine life live and direct and be in the position to find out as much as I wanted. Phil and Helen, the owners, were awesome. Phil was in the British Navy and Helen was a medical doctor in the UK. They were incredibly patient with my millions of questions regarding health and safety with scuba diving as well as identifying marine life. I was blessed to be around such highly skilled and highly patient people with so many amazing life stories they were willing to share with ease. I particularly looked forward to Phil's random life stories like when he told us, the staff, the proper and real way to walk with a staff as a shepherd if ever we ventured to become one in Scotland. It was so random, yet so precious and endearing. 

Also, as with everyone, nothing is ever perfect. However, they were among my best professional experiences to date. I don't remember if I had told Phil, but it was truly refreshing to have a boss that addressed personal and individual issues personally. I wasn't made aware of other staff transgressions, nor were they made aware of mine. He was incredibly patient and understanding and should something pop up that he doesn't like... he'd simply pull you aside and address it privately. My collective recent work experiences to date locally seem to trend with your boss either shouting at you in front of everyone or in other cases, shouting at the customer. I don't recall ever witnessing that there. The staff, including the two dogs Jack & Jerry, were just as friendly and welcoming as well. I made some amazing bonds there. I still meet up with my old coworkers from time to time to catch up. My most amazing underwater shots, that you're going to see (not in this post), were taken by Ricardo, who was also one of my dive instructors.

Ultimately, I was faced with the current job opportunity I'm at now which I felt was a good career move and we parted on good terms. I still drop by every time I'm in the area. I won't lie, I miss the place and the people. My current office is located in Black Bay, St. John. Every day as I venture to the office, I traverse the same route on land along the coast as I did when I worked there. It pulls my heart strings sometimes to be high up on land and not dashing to the Marine Protected Area by boat, prepping to gear up and enter the water. The good news is a few of my projects are going to be sea based and I was given the privilege and trust of the assignment from my experiences from Dive Grenada.

Working there is definitely not a decision I regret and one I would encourage any 20 something year old, even those falling into 30 to try at least once. The sea has a way of calming the spirit and reminding oneself that you're a part of the huge ecosystem and world, and not the one that controls it. Who doesn't need such a reminder from time to time?

Half way through working there, my Ricoh underwater camera finally arrived and I was able to get some beautiful shots from some of my snorkel trips and scuba diving experiences. Even though work has doubled up on me since I started the new job and projects are finally about to roll out, I'm finally dedicating time to edit and post about my experiences there in pictures. 

Hope you enjoy! These were taken in Flamingo Bay.

What did you think? Post a comment. (Click on the post title to open up the post and you'd be able to comment at the bottom.)

Oh... and I have more pics where these came from... expect some more underwater posts!
Love Shell-aye

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