More than words can say...

By 10:45 PM

So invigilating Common Entrance exams wasn't half as bad as i was expecting it to be... dare i say it was fun even?

I now have my time table.. I collected it from college.. Oh bleh.. the reality of my impending exam.

Not much else to update on...

I bounced into Martin at college. He kept me company for a good bit of the rest of my afternoon. He was the model for Shev and I. 'Twas fun sketching him.

I saw Zel at the Esplanade Mall. Everything is alright with her.

My allergies are acting up...and i'm hungry...

So i shall be off..
Shelli out.

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  1. Counting the days till that exam. Some of us wanna hear good resultls from you!!!

  2. *hides behind chair*

    You who?

    *looks around*