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By 7:45 PM

i am woman here me roar
and i'm much too big to ignore
and i know to much to go back everyday
cause i heard it all before
and i've been down there on the floor
no ones ever gonna keep me down again
-'I am woman' Tanya Stephens


Today's been a good day.

Honestly, the English workshop was good - the morning half that is. It wasn't anything personal, but i wasn't fully a part of the afternoon session. The post-lunch, surrounded by outside noise environment, wasn't particularly conducive to paying rapt attention.

I learned so much from the morning session. Well, not necessarily learned per se, but i was able to learn some new techniques to use on my students. Each of them just brimming over with untapped potential... just waiting for me to find a technique that works to tap it.

Richie had some pretty good ideas. To help generate an interest in reading, he reads to his students every Friday. By reads to them, i mean he selects an interesting story/book and reads in class and then stops at a climax point to keep them in suspense. I think that's a brilliant idea. He said that since doing so, he's actually seen that some interest in reading has been generated amongst the students.

Also, another approach was to take their role model's work and present it to the class in a "they do it too" way... Like, he presented Tupac Shakur's book of poetry "The Rose That Grew From Concrete". And the kids go all.. "aw.. dey does write? dey does read?". How about that? I think it could work...


I saw Carly for the first in a couple months, looking adorable in her work suit. I saw Liz. Umm.... well Ms. G and Ms. R from our school.. Lis was with me... who else? Richie. I saw Richie. And Mitchie.. Earlier in the morning, i bounced into Daniele.



After craning my neck to place my ear against the mesh on my window, just to hear the words of the song... That the bar across the street on the main road insists on playing very loudly every night along with some other music that can only be defined as "Real schupidness".... It sounded like an 80s song, and the words were too muffled for me to identify anything to work with on a Google search.

Lo and Behold... whilst going to the workshop in St. Davids... I heard it!! I made a note of the words... and then... and then... the radio guy announced the song. I almost clicked my heels in utter delight - granted there were many limitations to my actually clicking my heels, such as there was a lot of people on the bus, i would've looked silly, and i can't actually click my heels like Fred Flintstone.. Oh and i'd have to be standing for it to work.... hmm...

The long awaited song is...

*drum roll please...*

*crickets chirp*

*Drum starts to roll*





Noel - Silent Morning

Here's the chorus...

Silent Morning, I wake up and you're not by my side
Silent Morning, You know how hard I try
Silent Morning, They say a man's not supposed to cry
Silent Morning, Why did your love have to be a lie

I'm happy.
I'm off to study now.
Like seriously.
Good night.
Shelli out.

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  1. Hey.
    I will be teachign too...
    One day I will be in a workshop too...
    Good to see you enjoyed yourself.
    But you do LOOK somewhat like Fred Flintstone...! XD

  2. You'd make an awesome teacher too.. perhaps we'll bounce into each other at workshops...

    NO i DO not :P...