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The thing about hitting rock bottom - there's only one way you could go - up.


I started typing a post this morning. Honestly, it would have been amongst my most depressing of posts. Fortunately, i was running late for work - as usual. By the time my old faithful got booted up and let me open up Firefox, it was minutes to 8 - as usual. I think i may have even performed an illegal shut down. - as usual.

Anyways, enough digression. I had a GREAT day. I think "GREAT" just about sums it up.

'Great' definition:

4.wonderful; first-rate; very good: We had a great time. That's great!
5.being such in an extreme or notable degree: great friends; a great talker.
6.notable; remarkable; exceptionally outstanding: a great occasion.

(for the other #s click here)

Hmm... where shall i start? "That's Great", "Great Friends" or "A great occasion"?

Well work was ... well let's just say T.G.I.F. (Thank God It's Friday).

I have a Honda CRV backseat full of English notebooks and Art Sketchbooks waiting to be marked. Joyful, joyful. Glory, Glory. Before i depress myself further and kill my joy.... BACk to the GREATness talk.


After work i hitched a ride home with my mom. Changed. Deliberated around the house, picking up random items and debating whether or not to take it with me or not. I've been told i like a lot of junk, and i like to walk around with even more... I realized that. I put my little black sketchbook, my big poetry notebook, a pencil case containing everything from emergency pens to sketching pens to charcoal to 2 different types of erasers, and... etc etc etc... Then my eyes landed on my digital camera. It's been a while since it took any trip with me. Been a while since i cared to have my picture taken... As my hand hovered over it, my thoughts rationalized why i should add this extra weight to my bag, considering it was already heavy as is. Next thing i know, my brain is saying leave it home while i watch my fingers curl around the camera and then plop it in my bag. As i left the house, i convinced myself i was going to finally take some proper pictures for my blog.


Shawn finally brought that CD he swore he was making for me since 2005.... right. Pigs fly too? Anyways, finally have it... it's not bad (it's pretty good, laid back). It's hip hop in the true essence of hip hop. I'm talking hip hop so good it makes classic. I'm talking hip hop so good, the lyrics just pour over you, and you find yourself bumping your head to the words... to the rhythm. I'm talking hip hop so good, that you leave learning something, not feeling degraded, defeated, angry. I'm talking hip hop so good, you have to search to find a curse word, and i've been drawing blanks on my ctrl + F searches on the lyrics page. I'm talking hip hop one can actually defend on an intellectual level (like Chris Rock said) That. Is. What. You. Call. Good. Hip Hop.

I'm talking about Wyclef Jean, The Roots, Erykah Badu, Common, Nas, Mobb Deep, Luniz, Wu-Tang Clan, The Notorious B.I.G., 2pac, Cam'ron.

All I need is one life, one try, one breathe for one man
What I stand for speaks for itself, they don't understand
Or wanna see me on top...
... This is crazy, I'm on the right track I'm finally found
You need some soul searchin, the time is now
All i need is one mic.
-'One mic' Nas


So i met Daniele at the Square. That's the meeting spot. Finally brought my Atwood collection for her to read. Bringing yet another soul into the wonderful world of Atwood. Introduced her to Shawn. We chilled for a bit, then walked over the Carenage to the Botanical Gardens. Bounced into Steff by Creole Shack. Then Shawn bounced into someone he knew. Then Daniele did. *laughs out loud happily to self*

Today was an awesome day. Eventually we made it over, in one piece.

Before i continue, when we were on the Square there was a pickup that drove by with some familiar faces. The people were Rasta, and i couldn't piece together the how i knew them or why it clicked.


So we arrive. I had called Shem on the walk across and informed him i was bringing some new talent to the group.

As we got closer, at finally became clearer... Lo and behold, the same Rastas were there. Being interviewed. Luciano. *gasp*


Following Shem, the rest of us - Daniele, Shawn and myself - went over to say hi. He asked us to read some of our poetry. He liked our stuff. He gave us his card with some extra information. He signed in my little black sketchbook. We're trying to organize a show at Club Deja Vu, upstairs Reno, for Saturday. Invite him to come see some local talent housed at one spot for one night. He's open to the idea. Let's hope Shem is able to pull the right strings and get it organized.

*cough* My autograph. So from now on... call me Empress.
*giggles happily*

Perhaps if i get brave enough i might post pictures of myself with him, and our poetry group. Granted i have the consent of the other people in the photos.

That's all.


Kaiz, a friend of mine just signed in. His sn (screen name) says 'Why is pain the only inspiration we have?'..... Why IS pain such an inspiration indeed.


'alright you have twenty seconds to impress upon me why you would be a worthy candidate in the race up to my elections...go!'

After the Gardens, Shawn, Akilly and I walked over. Akil took a bus in Tanteen. We, Shawn and I, met up with Steff. Then Shawn left. Steff was there with some girlfriends. I was introduced. We had a good heart-to-heart, girls night out, bonding session. By bonding session, i mean we had a "we strongly dislike bOyS" session. Complained, complained, complained, till there was nothing left inside for us. It was all out.

Steff had a guy friend amongst us coming down to the end, and he had a beer. Lol. And started to confess the dirty deeds of the male species. He admitted guys inexplicably cheat. They have absolutely no real, valid reason to leave the gReAt girl they're with and cheat on her with some, random doesn't-hold-a-candle-to-his-girl kind of girl. Entering into these clandestine sessions knowing full well the consequences if such were to be revealed. Furthermore, females have an extra radar for this.

For another question we were not able to answer.... why do guys lie? Lie about little things that they don't have to lie about. Lie about big things they could just have said earlier. La la LIES...


Anyways, that was last night.

Shelli has recovered.
Shelli is happy.


One happy lark.
Shelli Out.

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