Release your inhibitions and feel the rain on your skin.

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spin me some sad story
sell me some excuse
to help me understand the things you do
'cause the way you treat your lovers
well I just can't relate
well where'd you learn to shoot your gun so straight?
-"Shoot your gun" 22-20s


Bahut Acha.

I am happy. I am... click your feet together with every other step Fred Flintstone style happy. I am a tough bubble to pop, floating up into the air to kiss the clouds happy. I am can't-stop-smiling happy. I am happy beyond repair of this happiness happy. I am dance-and-sing in the rain happy - or shall i say sit in the drizzle happy. I am... glowing happy.

I kicked off my birthday celebration last night. I went out with Micks to Free Drinks Club Bananas. No I am not an alcoholic and no i did not get drunk. So therefore alcohol is not the reason for my happiness.... It's just that it was something i really needed and i didn't realize how much until i did it. It was a truly liberating experience. Good company. Good fun. i can't find the words to explain it anymore... Heh... including a couple experiences for the grand kids like my dad taking forever to arrive...

*sighs happily*

Of course there were many open mouth insert foot moments. BUT what the hell - live without regrets right?

*coquette smile*

Oh and i saw Mekelia, one of my colleagues... 'twas a fun night.. i got home around 6.

Well I have nothing else really to post. Friday, I had confiscated some nail polish from one of my Form 3 students. Two students from the class ended up painting my nails. Heh.. A pretty shade of metallic baby pink. It's looking untidy now from cracking and my constant interference with it... I shall resume the scratch-nail-polish-of-nails process now.

*walks off smiling and humming 'Shoot your gun' to self*

Shelli out.

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