This means getting over you..

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I have had one roller coaster ride of a day.


My kids were like spawns from hell today. I don't know if i seemed/sounded like it, but i felt horrible today. Every time i stood up in the classroom i felt so weak, like i felt as if i swayed slightly, that i sat right back down and tried to stay there. One of my Form 2s took so much of my already depleted, from this sickness, energy source that for the 2nd period i just sat and took names. I couldn't be bothered to raise my voice and force them to do anything. My voice was literally going because of this cough.

Hmm... i really do hope i feel better tomorrow.. I really do hope my classes are better tomorrow.


It's 10.57 P.M... I think i just may have seen the second saddest, if not the saddest episode of Y&R... I almost cried when they didn't find Dru's body... Now the Newman Jet has gone down... And they can't find Nick.

What is up with these writers? Nikki is behaving just like Sharon did when Cassie died. She's blaming Victor.

Nick... wow...there's something strangely disconcerting in Soaps lack of predictability these days... They're taking the tear-jerker route every opportunity they get.

When Phyllis found out from Michael about what happened... at that point did my eyes begin to water. Phyllis is such a wonderful actor... I felt her pain.

Lily and Daniel.. Jack and Sharon... Oooh.. the look of hope on everyone's faces as Sharon walked into the room oblivious to what had happened... Jack's reaction to seeing her.. thinking she was a ghost... hmm...


It seems everything about today finished with a sombre note. I guess in a way it was all very humbling. I mean, there were some highlights... that includes the meeting up with Danielle and Shev on the Square... seeing Brendon and Dri Dri... reaching home unscathed.... but still.

Life never promised there wouldn't be bad days...

'Tis how the cookie crumbles...

Just roll with the punches...

Ok, i think that's enough clich├ęs for the night...


And So It Was That Later
As The Miller Told His Tale
That Her Face At First Just Ghostly
Turned A Whiter Shade Of Pale

-"Whiter Shade of Pale" Procol Harum
(the title is hyperlinked to
if you want to see the video)

I'm off...
Shelli out.

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