Long day is over...

By 9:17 PM

I went to the Poetry meeting yesterday. It wasn't particularly WAG related... The guy posed some very interesting ideas. I'm not sure if i have the time nor dedication the project would need, to put into it. I already am on such a tight schedule.


Earlier this week, or week before, Ms. G commissioned a painting on a dress. The dress was a strapless evening gown made of pink satin. Designed and tailored to fit one of our students that's taking part in a Queen show.

Below are some photos of the finished work...
(click photo to enlarge)

Dress from the front.

Dress from the back. It has a trail.

Now i started this dress around 11 last night, and i finished around 3.30 this morning. And it only took that long because it required some inventiveness to maneuver the dress to finish the painting. Eventually i migrated from the dining table to the living room floor. That way i was able to spread the dress and fold it in such a way that it can dry and i could work all the way round.

For more detailed photos click here.


Ms. G just called. She said the student won the show AND she got the best dress award...! Also, when she announced that it was their own Art teacher that painted it, the Auditorium went up in a noise... LOL. Lynda, one of my students, said she had loved the painting i did on her shirt for Intercol. Cassie had loved the painting i did on her dress... Hmm....


Still recuperating from this flu. Once more i am putting off the teaching post.

That's all of my updates.

Shelli out.

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  1. I do say you grasshopper, you have grown into quite the young butterfly... wait grashoppers don't turn into butterfliess... hmm... hmmmmm... ah screw it! The DRESS LOOKS MAGNIFIQUE CEST MAGNIFIQUE, TRES TRES BIEN MADEMOIZELLE, SUPER ARTISCALLY, EXTREMELY HEAD TURNINGLY WONDERFULLY DAYYUM HOT!!!

    U got one hell of a talent there.