I be on dat Kryptonite.

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....Either I wasn’t living up to my potential or I was just the average chick....

-'Wife...woman...friend... Pt. 1' Dana Gilmore


Today is Sunday. According to J.E.W., the haze clears your eyes on a Sunday. So by haze, for me, that means sleep. My mom woke me up from my afternoon nap to announce we had guests. Aunt Joylyn and Thandi had come over.

I haven't seen Aunt Joylyn since sports... and Thandi since like Christmas. It was fun.

Thandi and I were talking about schools and such. She was saying that she doesn't regret taking a few years off to work, rather than rushing to go straight to University. After working, one has a greater appreciation for university, if one intends to seek further education. Her arguments on the subject - I agree with.

When you're working and you're at the bottom, taking orders from those higher than you, it can be a frustrating and trying experience at times. For some, they grow to accept it with, what i would call, a defeatist attitude. They become accustomed to it, and whilst they complain it reaches a stage where it doesn't really matter. For others, they just run away to some other job, and keep running. And for the rest of people, it serves as a motivator. It compels one to strive to be the boss, the one making decisions - hopefully better, to be more....

Don't get me wrong, I am speaking generally and I adore my job - at times, the kids have their moments. I adore my colleagues and my boss, i couldn't have asked for a better work environment. But i would be lying if i didn't think they were moments when i thought to myself 'I want more than just this... there has to be more than just this...'.

And while i think i would like to stay in the teaching profession, i can see beyond the horizon a bit clearer. I have the clarity, the objectives, in mind to proceed (almost) surefooted into University and not waste too much time. I think as time progresses i may still end up teaching, if not full-time then part-time somewhere... I like it...


I have some plans in motion. Some things to be accomplished by the year's end.

Ooooh excitement.


Shelli out.


"I love you" is 8 letters... so is "bullsh*t"

heh... that was her sn... i thought it was funny as hell. Reminds me of an icon i found - 'He said,"I love you", I said "Sorry hunny, i'm allergic to B.S."

I couldn't help myself. It's another one of my recycled posts from Kisses. Well, an excerpt from an old post. I'm going to mark some English papers. Shelli Out.

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