Beep and Wave.

By 7:10 AM

Ok it's 7.12 AM. I am almost ready for work... just have to eat breakfast and leave.

It's from my heart and from my hand
Why don't people understand
my intentions..?
....My creation... is it real?
-'Weird Science' Oingo Boingo


Hmm... I didn't update last night.

Nothing much happened yesterday. I went to work. I marked papers. I met up with Daniele and Shev. Daniele had a couple of Atwood's poems she wanted to hear me read aloud. I read them. C'est tout...

mais... the funniest thing happened... ok I'm sure this has happened to many people along with me... When I was walking through Sendall Tunnel to get to the Treasury, the lights were going on and off. It was daytime, but I didn't realize the great difference the light made until they came off. The strange part is that as I stepped through the lights went on in sequence - the one in front of me came on, as I approached. The ones that i had already passed under came off. Ok, so about 3 of the many lights didn't follow that rule. BUT that doesn't make it less appealing to let my imagination believe that it was some cosmic happening on a metaphysical level.

i'm off to bed.
Shelli out.

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