Guess who has a Society6 page now?

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Hello folks!

I have officially launched my Society6 page. What is this you ask? Society6 is a new online website where printers and artists get to collaborate and present new products for sale. Before, I only had canvas and card stock prints along with original paintings available. Now I have a wide selection of products available and eliminating the issue of effective and quick shipping.

The products are manufactured and shipped from the US, making it easier for those of you outside of Grenada to be able to acquire my work. The range of products does include canvas and giclee prints of all sizes. However, it now extends to pillow cases, phone cases, duvet, shower curtains, clocks, tshirts, etc. Below is a collage of a few samples from my store.

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Got the windows down, radio's on..

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I Iove to travel, even if I'm just "traveling" to the supermarket. In my mind, there's always some adventure waiting to be had outside my house.

In my circle, I have a few 'stray-way' spirits like myself.

One of my stray way adventures brought me with a friend to visit Belle Isle in St. David. The primary purpose of the trip was to collect my paintings from a closed exhibition at the gallery in Westerhall. It was such a beautiful little spot. After visiting Dominica, I now notice many different things in Grenada. In Belle Isle I saw little glassy pools and caves from the wave erosion. I didn't get to see the pools in Dominica, but I imagine they must look similar to the ones I saw and a bit bigger. 

After that, we found a dirt road that led to a lovely bit of mangrove. I could hear the clear calls of the mangrove birds and critters. I saw little tadpoles swimming around in the pools of water. 

As we walked along the path by the mangrove, we discovered it led to a long beach. 

Needless to say, if nothing else, that day provided all the necessary evidence for leaving the house. I couldn't have found any of this in my backyard. 

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Cheers to another year

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Hey folks!

Happy New Year!

To start, in case things look a bit different. I have Lizelle (Sher in my posts here) from Sandals & Sunnies helping me with some housekeeping and blog template tweaking get here looking like a loved place.

For the new year, I intend to be here more often so look forward to more regular posts. As per usual, my posts aren't clearly categorized as it tends to follow wherever my spirit goes. However, expect to see some travel posts *fingers crossed* and adventure posts. As well as a few of the art tutorial posts that I used to frequent here.


Even though I'm late, I'm still going to do a reflective piece of 2014. I strongly believe that last year I came significantly closer to getting on my path. They always say it's important to know what you want and don't want. As well as to go beyond your comfort zone.

My life took me to work briefly on a sailboat at the end of 2013 going into 2014. It was my first taste of being at sea, all day, everyday, surrounded by water entirely. There was a point where my fear was the ocean, but I can safely say that fear has diminished greatly and I keep pushing the boundaries of it. For the period of working on the boat, I had the amazing experience of being in the underwater sculpture park in the MPA (marine protected area) everyday. I got to see all the pretty fish swarm the boat as we arrived, waiting impatiently to see what goodies we brought for them. There was always a beautiful stingray that would come out and glide effortlessly over the coral almost every time we were there. I cannot even begin to express the sense of peace I felt being on the boat travelling between destinations, watching the sea look like an undulating dark blue blanket.

From there I was granted the opportunity to work with toddlers. I must say that if people think teenagers are difficult. I found being a high school teacher to be an easier task than managing toddlers. However, I found working with toddlers to be very fulfilling. I initially had reservations but in the end I learned so much about myself from these little ones. The way they see the world is so much simpler than us. Their midlife catastrophes stem from simple resolvable things like retrieving their favourite truck for them, or taking them to the beach to play in the sand. The special challenges I encountered required me to simplify my thought process and exercise patience. I had one precious darling of a boy that, at the time we didn't recognize it, had a language barrier. Thus, his disobedience stemmed from him not understanding what we were trying to teach him. I was able to work with him and an amazing 2 year old girl with an expansive vocabulary simultaneously, and before I knew it, he started saying little words in English. I can't find enough words to express how happy and excited I was at his progress. Also, collectively, being tods, they said and did the cutest, silliest things. There was one precious little boy that would steal raisins when he thought you weren't looking. Another that would whisper to you for his milk, so as to not alert the other kids and get his milk organized first. I had a little girl that was mesmerized by letters, numbers and books. She would always get a book and come ask me to read to her, and loved to play with the blocks with the letters so I could quiz her.

*sigh* the joys of children.

Then I decided to become an artist full-time but got offered a job at The Computer Store. That too was an interesting experience. I was blessed with the opportunity of learning to use software that appeared similar to Microsoft Access that I've never had reason to use since high school, a decade ago. I got to manage the database input for the service department and learn how to create purchase orders and the technical stuff for getting parts. Additionally, working in the service department meant working with the technicians, an amazing team of 2-3 guys. I learned so much from them about how computers worked internally software-wise as well as the internal parts of the computer. That's not to say that I can take apart and fix a problem, but I am now better at identifying the potential problem and suggesting a solution. I admire their patience to answer my many questions in trying to understand what and why they did certain things upon solving customer issues. That way, I could answer the preliminary questions from the customers without having to interrupt them while they were busy at work.

I then decided to become a full-time artist again, took part in the True Blue Bay Christmas bazaar and an exhibition at the Francis Gallery in Westerhall... and I got offered another job part-time at Dive Grenada. An offer that brought me back close to the sea, if not near it, on a regular basis. My soul feels at peace again. Plus, my days are flexible so I can still be a full-time artist.

I started the year, where I ended the previous one, by the sea.


With all that said, I was forced out of my comfort zone several times to see things about myself.

So my word for this year is, focus. I've learned last year that I can be good at any job I put my mind to... but I need to learn to tailor that inquisitive energy and focus it.

Hope everyone's year is off to a great start or at least started with some ideas on how to make this year greater than the last.


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