Ooo.. cuz we're out here living a lie

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They say that deep down, everyone knows what's best for them - even if they don't want to admit it to themselves. You can tell from the very inception whether something will work or not, from the mere core intuition of it all, but there's almost nothing greater than denial. And it's our reluctance to admit what's wrong and learn to let go that keeps us holding on trying to make something work. Trying to fit a triangle into a circle.

We are the gatekeepers to our own happiness. Our own prison wardens. Sometimes, life is that simple - we just complicate it. Sometimes it really could just be either, or. And you just follow through and try not to regret it because... to cop that cliche, have no regrets because whatever you did at that point in time was exactly what you wanted. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.. I'm just trying things out, seeing what works but for the first time. In a long time. It feels right, uncertain, but right. I'm not saying my decisions won't be mistakes, I don't know the outcomes... but what's important is that it feels like the right decisions. And thats peaceful in and of itself.

I've been bouncing back and forth indecisively trying to figure out who I am and what paths I am choosing for myself...and every day, funnily enough, I grow more confused yet at the same time I'm worrying less and less. I'm learning that the answers unfold before your eyes if you just give it time - just wait and be patient.

I've been reflecting upon the different friends I've met and what my Lit prof said about solipsism, and how we are all mirrors of ourselves. We all reflect images of each other, a little fragment... Free will isn't as free as we think, nor are our identities... It's shaped and influenced and balanced off by everything around us.. Perhaps, nature's little manipulation. Nuntheless, everything works out in the end. All the puzzle pieces fit eventually. Nothing is static in nature, it's fluid... like oil rolling off of... I don't even know what. But it sounds nice.. has more constitution than water...

Anyways... there comes a point when the most absurd thing is what works. You can't stop and think about it. You can't always analyze it. You stop, and trust that where ever you are, whatever you are doing, whom ever you are with is happening in this exact moment, for a completely valid reason. One that you don't know yet... one thats a part of the bigger picture of the bigger picture that we are all a part of.

"Therefore, live every day as if it's the first day of your life. The only day that isn't, is the day that you die."

Relax. And quit pretending. Just be.... and live.....!

Everything that is meant to happen... eventually does.

Also, embrace your weirdness.. Like Bette Midler says, cherish forever what makes you unique, for without it - you are a just a yawn.

And, I'd rather be anything, than ordinary, please.

I love my eccentricities.

Everyone should see that movie... "American Beauty"

It's just.. a lovely piece of literature caught on film.

And... I'd rather be anything, than ordinary please.

Shelli out.

Ughh... I wanna paint but its 4 in the morning...! I'm going to get up at 6 .. yes yes... that I will do.


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