You see me... Hi hater

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I think I just like to think too deeply about unthinkable things.

That's my problem... yes yes... I just like to think too much.

Ever feel out of your element but not quite? Ever feel like there's so much more you could be doing, but you're doing what you can... and it still doesn't feel like enough?

There's so much I want to achieve this term... Adjusting back to college is... well it's awkward being on the other side of the classroom now. I find myself even more quiet in the classroom not because of shyness but for the reason of not wanting to offend the professor when things are said that make my eyebrows raise... Or perhaps, in some instances, it is shyness because I feel as if I should know the material already even though I never did it before - because I was a teacher, regardless that I never taught the subject or desired at the point of initial college days to do the subject.

And I still don't know what I really want to do.

I wanted to be a lawyer so badly... but now it just seems like a nice big compromise to my principles, of course it would depend on what area of law I go into... but yea.

oOOoOoo... I'm going to practice being a Life Coach. My godsister Devian, wants me to come practice with her church's youth group. I've been invited to come give a talk when I so desire and am ready.

I have a paper to write on the legalisation of Gay marriages, whether or not it's a violation of the constitutional rights and etc etc. Oh joy.

Anyways, that ends my mini-morning Sunday rant.

Only positive vibrations for the rest of the day..

Shelli out.

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