I'm going to send a little rain... your way

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Oh my god...
this hurts like hell.
I had that dream again
Where I was lost
...for good in outerspace
So tell me doctor,
how to shake
A waking a nightmare...
that is only worse...
When I am sleeping
-"Kill the messenger" Jack's Mannequin


Yea yea yea... you swear it's not you, it's someone you used to know... blah blah blah.

I seek solace in the knowledge that karma is a b*tch on training wheels.

Today was exhausting... I had a 6 hour break between classes. I must have been an idiot to not see this being a potential issue when I was planning my class schedule. It's thoroughly depressing to be in school for so long... studying, or trying to find something to keep you awake.

Also, I discovered playing with Pandora's box isn't that fun afterall. In a quiet corner, I find out more than I ever dreamed of...

Now if only all this information excess was of some academic value....

And since it isn't it shall be disregarded and discarded as unimportant...

Explanation - I Demand One Demotivational Poster

Just remember like our faithful ex-PM used to say...

"Brothers and Sisters... what goes around, comes around..."

Shelli out.

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