Why does a willow weep, when all I see is a tree grow?

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The chromosome divides, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive, and the strong survive

We're lacking something - good
Something good, yeah
...Is this all for nothing?
oh.... Good, something good, yeah
-'Darwin' 3EB


I'm trying to inspire myself into finishing my paper. Yesterday I hit a peak with my happiness levels... I haven't been that high in a while, and I think I got stuck there. I was so hyper happy I could hardly contain my excitement for anything... I was so excited I could hardly focus on my work, but I was so unbelievably optimistic about everything, and confident that I would finish what I needed to do, I wasn't worried.

I'm ready to pop this bubble of mine. I need something humbling, because I can't focus... and that's driving me crazy... Is this all for nothing? Something good?


I have so much to be happy about. I finished my first paper. Bus1000, I hope I do well.

I'm getting two of my pieces published in the WAG anthology. A part of me is nervous because well, I may think my work is good... but who's to say others would like it too? Furthermore, one of my pieces is controversial...

I bought pretty, new art supplies... yummy.

ok... so my high is coming down...


Nah tek worries.

Shelli out for now.

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