She hit the main stage... she made the people say - "Yeahhhhhhhh"

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I miss my little woof woofs.

On my way to building 23, I saw the most adorable big white fluffy dog at the end of the block walking with its owner in my direction. This quickly help me get over my guilt over making my final art purchase... (which was an absolute necessity... it's a sketchbook filled with black paper, so I could finish up the pieces that require techniques on black paper... MUAHAHAHAHAAA... my repertoire is complete. Now I shall go forth and reproduce... digression complete.)

But it caused a new emotion to set in... I stood before the steps to enter the building in complete indecision as whether I should walk down the street and greet the owner and ask to touch the cuteness, or.... m.m.o.b. (mind my own business) and go inside... I looked into the doors of the building, I looked at the dog. Building. Dog. Building. Dog. Building. Dog... *sigh* I went inside.

The security, looked at my sympathetically and asked, "Whats the problem? I know something is wrong.. I saw how you were looking at me indecisively outside...? You forgot your ID didn't you?"

LOL. Actually, I wasn't looking at any one thing inside the building... but... I said, "Naw.. *dips hand in jeans cargo pocket and flashes it* I just miss my doggies..."

She says, "Well.. hmm.. why don't you get a new one...?"

*Eyes widen briefly*... Now even if my doggies had passed away.. that's a rather insensitive thing to say. That's like saying, "Oh your baby died... get a new one..."

I then said, "...nothing like that.. I miss my doggies... It's different having a dog in NY than in the Caribbean.." and walk off to the elevator.


On a side note... I feel really weird.

My head feels faint. I ate a hearty bowl of Manhattan Clam Chowder, with wheat bread, coffee and a banana. I also had two snicker mini bars for extra energy boosts. It doesn't feel like it's an energy problem though... Perhaps it's the studying for the library... I wrote 4 (back and front) index cards worth of notes for Political Science... 2-3 hours of writing and research and neck being cricked in one position... that might not sound like much, but considering how small my handwriting gets when frugality (aka save the rain forest/paper conservation) and laziness (desire to have all my notes on one page) kicks in, it's atleast a couple well typed pages long...maybe like 2-3 at most.

You know... I was in the study pods, which thus far, only seem like a handful in the library. I realized that it took me at least 15 minutes to find it... this is my rationale for why there is atleast one always free. It comes equipped with a comfy sofa-ish chair, which a mobile desktop attachment and the 3 wall (separator) has 4 electric ports to plug in laptops, ipods, etc... The first time I came here last week, I thought it was so nifty an idea....

So this week, I kicked my shoes off. Tucked my feet up. Swerved my comfy movable chair. Laid back and started to delve into my work............

....AND then across the partition in front of me I hear voices. -.- .... A female student talking to someone else about her Spanish teacher giving her a text on the syllabus and how stupid it is... REALLY. I agree.... BUT... *ahem* We are in a place of silence conducive for studying... If I could hear your voice a passageway, studypod, and perhaps another passageway away - trust me - that is too loud. I'm sure she was 8-10 ft away... -.- *exasperated sigh* THEN after she finishes her convo, I resume my work... Next thing I hear a techno radio approaching me. This guy is walking with HEADPHONES on blazing techno or spanish music, I really don't care what KIND of music it was... but it was loud. He goes into the pod right next to me. *SIGH* He turns it down slightly... Then like a memo went out it's ok to play music audiby because someone started playing a game or something loud enough that I could hear... I put on my mp3 to tune them out....

Somehow it's ok to talk incessantly, play music and such and such and such in the library... Perhaps I'm just picking the wrong spots.

I really shouldn't have to suffer like this in a study environment... I don't recall SGU library ever having this problem. You could hear a pin drop in SGU... and the only sounds were the occasional sounds of footsteps, the rustling of pages turning and the occasional printing of paper.

On a good note... I'm going to be swimming. That shall be my fitness activity. I brought up my goggles (knew they would come in handy) and I have to get a shower cap... then I'm good to go. YAY.

Take that any illness coming my way. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA....


I have class at 2.55pm... *sigh*

Good news, thats 10 minutes away... Bad news, it took 6 hrs and 45 minutes for it to become 10 minutes away...

Afterwards I'm heading down to 59th street to go see the crazy guy hanging upside down. Pity I can't throw paper balls 6 stories high. Shucks.

Shelli out.
Holla back young'n TooT TooT

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