Cuz you look so good... tell me why you wanna work here?

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OooOoo I can't believe it...
She hit the mainstage..
...she make the people say "yeaaa...yeahh"
-"Can't believe it" T-Pain


Today was chill. Literally.

I feel unprepared for the cold. *correction* I feel like I keep underestimating the cold. *shakes head* I don't know how these people do strap tops in this weather. They must not have blood or something in their bodies.

Anyways nothing much to report on.

School was alright today. I had one class. I came better prepared, i.e., I did some reading on the train ride there, ate breakfast, got a good night's rest. Turns out these things work.

Tonight I plan to sit down and will myself to finish my paper off.. at least most of it.

This weekend I'm going to figure out a nice student diet plan, sleep plan and study plan. I'm going to find a way to program myself and make it work.

C'est tout.
I'm going to go chill now...
*snaps fingers rhythmically*
Shelli out.

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