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I stumbled across this song a couple minutes ago.... I think it poses a nice question to humanity and where would we be willing to draw the line with prejudice?

When I was back home, going to college, I was a member of the drama club. One of the poignant things that always stood out was some ideas that Mr. Amen always tried to get across to us. Mind you, in some ways, they weren't articulated properly.... but it was communicated in a way that you have some understanding of the message. It was also something that, ultimately, you need to quest for yourself.

Anyways... we, as humans, have gotten caught up in trivial-made-important matters. We're making trivial things major issues, which is preventing us from actually solving the worlds' problems. At the core, we all have red blood being pumped through our veins... and in dire desperate situations, when the strings that hold us pull us closer, we see this and look beyond the skin colour, the money, the gender, the sexuality, whatever...

If only we manage to keep this up for longer than a dire situation?

Look at Dark Knight for example... (at least I hope it was in Dark Knight)

The Joker put two bombs on two boats trapped with people. He was counting on one boat to rush and detonate the other before the other party detonates them. One boat filled with prisoners, the other filled with ordinary citizens. Despite the obvious reasons why you would think to blow up the boat of prisoners... or to blow up the citizens... neither party did.

They recognized we're all human... no matter what... and furthermore, who gives us the right to judge or the right to take the life of another on the mere basis of what we think : be it our opinions, biases, so forth...

Ok, I believe I lost my train of thought. I forgot what I was trying to illustrate...


Anyways, the song poses two situations... Firstly, a member of the KKK many years down the line needing a liver, the only available one is from a black person. Does he still care about skin colour? Would this stop him from accepting the transplant?

And secondly, a poor black youth growing up in Jamaica where they are particularly homophobic, ends up in a shoot out and his friends drive off and leave him lying by the road side bleeding and a homosexual sees him and takes him to the hospital. Does he care about the sexuality of his saviour?

Where do you draw the line? Do you still care about these minor technicalities? Are they still issues?


Shelli out for now..
I have some other things to post about.. perhaps I shall do that later on this evening.

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