Liar, liar

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Now let's say I said I could seriously drink 25 bottles of water straight without stopping on Monday 22nd, 2008, commencing at X hours.... That means you'd expect to see the proof of my fulfilling this claim of ability at the specified time. Should I pause at any point, it automatically translates as failure to complete my claim.

Therefore, my response of well "Why don't you do it then? It's hard..", "Or... I'm human.. sue me..." becomes hardly irrelevant. I would be the one running around claiming I could do it, not the other person. I would be full aware of the potential risks and consequences of my actions should I follow through with the claim.... My only response should be " I guess I can't..."


David Blane was NOT 5 stories high... he was about 4-5 feet above the ground dangling by his feet..... FOR about 15-20 minutes.

Next thing I know, he's on his feet for the next half hour : fixing his pants, "urinating behind a blanket" for like 10 minutes, drinking water.

He's supposed to be peeing through a TUBE for christsakes...! I don't care about the repercussions of his actions... I'm not the one that committed myself with full advertence of consequences. And I'm sure as hell not going to feel any more sympathy for such a person more than I'd feel sympathy for someone strapping on freshly cut bloody meat and jumping into a tank full of Great Whites (sharks)...

Then resumes hanging while the females swoon and gush "OH look how blue his eyes are...", "Oh look how cute he is...".... While others stand in disbelief "Oh my God...! How could he do that...? *gasp*" and those who saw him standing for that extended period were all sympathetic.

I'm sorry. That's cheating. You can't do it, you can't do it.

Simple. Don't expect sympathy for any illness you brought upon yourself through your idiotic, fruitless, risk/danger inclined claim. That has nothing to do with me.

After the first break he should call it quits.

I don't care that your eyes are bloodshot and you have a headache. Naught to do with me.

Below are the pics...

Quaina and I have just arrived...
Zoomed up pick from a distance... at first we were trying to
figure out where he was..
realized we had to look closer to the ground,
than up in the air.
BTW the structure isn't even 5 stories...
Unless they meant 5 midget stories.
We're wondering why is he talking,
to the media so much..
and so many fans.
*perks eyebrow*

I persuade her to go closer to the guy...
So we go close.
His head is horizontal in a head rest...
and he's alternating his legs,
giving them occasional breaks.
*ahem* he said 60 hours upside down...
How does horizontal enter the picture?

Ow it hurts it hurts...
Boo hoo hoo...
I'm kidding.
He's adjusting his straps.

More adjusting...
Dash sensationalist...

Oh puh-lease...
Shall I even comment?
I would do this without
needing to notify the media.
Infact, that looks hella comfortable.

Dangle.. Dangle..

You're standing David.
Awfully stable too for someone
who's not supposed to have any
feeling in your legs.
*perks eyebrows*

Stall for some time...
Fix his pants...

The other guy's hand really was
in his pants...
All over... in his pants...

Minutes trickle by...

He's doing it again..

Two words.
One meaning.
*rolls eyes*
Shelli is not impressed.

I'm sorry... after knowing the absurd punishments as a kid from back home.. having to stand with your hands in the air indefinitely without break, much worse, with a chair in the air in the hot sun on the lawn.... LYING DOWN with ropes is all goody goody and exciting for these sensational thrill loving Americans who are uncertain about what they're aiming for... but THIS is cheating.



I'm learning the train station. 6 Train runs on Lexington. Central park is on 59th with the D train, 5th Ave... 6 brings me to 59th & Lexington.. I had to walk over Park Ave, Madison Ave, umm.. and one more... I can't remember what comes after Madison.. and then I land at 5th Ave... Delightful. I love the city.

Aside from that... Central Park was beautiful. We sat on the rocks by the pond/lake... watched the pretty duckies... I shall take some pics next time I go.. My memory card got filled with ... stupes... Oh and he was on the platform again when we were leaving...

Shelli out.

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