I'm on the go.. I'm on the go, but bad mind ah try to stop me now...

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I'm chill.

I can't say I feel infinitely more stable now than before. But what is life without a little excitement? What I can say is that I can see a bit clearer. With new found clarity one can chart new paths in the hopes of bringing about some solutions... right?

So with regards to school, things are looking more optimistic. I could feel my awkwardness and reservations lifting from my soul. I just finished my first paper that's due tomorrow. It was mostly finished yesterday, I went to see my professor today to see if I was on the right path and she said it was so fine. It's so weird writing essays again. I was a strong essay writer. *correction* I am a strong essay writer, I will get my confidence back. *correction* I am getting my confidence back.


I'm not sure if I told my "how I ended up on the pending list to get my English credits transferred".

I had to do an English placement exam prior to starting my classes. It's mandatory to do English courses and it's also school policy not to generally accept foreign English credit transfers.

Hoping that it would speed up the process of getting my name into the system, ie, getting my prerequisites into the system so I could register officially, I did a walk-in. When I went to the English department at Baruch to find out which dates are available sooner, than what was on my ticket, they informed me that I could just walk-in. So I did.

I was nervous. It flashed through my head the possibility of not doing all that great. It was an option question on a persuasive/opinionative essay. I was an English teacher... that could hardly reflect good on me.

After I finished the exam, I still had to end up doing the ticketed exam a week or so later. *mutter grumble mutter*. The second exam was considerably more depressing a topic than the first. I'm not even sure which exam was marked - the first or the second, or perhaps both.

The professor who marked the exam, called me and inquired that I come see her. When I went, she told me my writing was very strong and I don't need the English classes that they have... and that she will allow the transfer of ALL of my credits. All I would have to do, more for my personal development, is a Literature in Translation course. I informed admin of this, here I met opposition... With the assistance of my dad, sourcing my course descriptions from back home, I was able to prove that I did cover the college level English courses so I could get my courses transferred despite not doing a course inherently titled "English". She even wrote an email to Admin, and sent me with her card for the Admin people to contact her.

I still have to go check on these disorganized folks to see whether my credits have started being processed or what...

So there we have it. I still have flair... and my boss was right to recognize my competence despite my laziness/reservations about my ability in English, on a level suitable to teach students.


You know... on a side note. For all of those who thought T.A.M.C.C. was bad and horribly disorganized... Imagine that Baruch, a reputable is school, is just as horrible if not worse. Since I've been here, every student I've encountered thus far has some horror story about their credits that haven't been transferred as yet (and it's not their first term), or mass credits that weren't transferred, and lost documents such as transcripts.

As Russel would say... le sigh.


I'm feeling slightly exhausted. I believe my sugar levels are running low. That's code for "Go drink some orange juice" and then go to bed.


No compromise...
No compass
with this life,
Just eyes....
So to map it out,
You must look inside...
....Sure books can guide you...
...But your heart defines you...
Life is nothing but a beach chair

Shelli out.
I hear my angels singing.

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