I see them... jockin jay-z, jockin jay-z

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Lord Jesus please be my savior
Lord knows I got a whole lot of haters
But I... dust 'em off... I dust 'em off
-"I'm on the rock(remix)" Movado feat. Jay-Z


So I was walking idly down the hallway of the Baruch building on 23rd (4th Floor) when I remembered that Roxie once told me to always check the bulletin boards. As my eyes scanned the board, I saw other (medicine) school offers, LSAT classes, CPA classes, etc..... then I started to ask myself, "How come I don't see SGU? I see schools in St. Kitts... but none in SGU?"

And then.....

I couldn't help but gleefully whip my camera out and snap pictorial evidence. SGU, Grenada, West Indies. We're on the map... lol


School is going pretty good.

I really love my Bio class. I'm considering changing into medicine. According to the SGU ad, it's only four years. *wink*

Today we learned about steroids. Yummy.

Steroids are cholesterol derivatives. There are natural levels of these present in your body like estrogen and androgens.... However, some people take anabolic steroids to build muscle mass.

When a boy hits puberty, the testosterone in his body - regardless of exercise - builds up skeletal tissues. When one takes the anabolic steroids, it helps to build these some more. However, taking anything in excess into the body is hardly healthy.

Anytime testosterone levels are raised in any excess in the body, there are side effects. Whenever an anabolic androgenic steroids are being used, it could result in impotency/sterility, kidney failure, liver failure, mood swings (i.e, rage), bone deterioration and an increase in the risk of getting cancer.

Worse off if you start at a young age.



I had a good day. No complaints. Taking everything in stride. Irie mon. Good vibrations flowing.


If you get down and you quarrel everyday,
You're saying prayers to the devils, I say...
Say you just can't live that negative way,
If you know what I mean;
Make way for the positive day...
Jah love - Jah love (protect us).
*Positive vibration, yeah! (Positive!)
-"Positive Vibration" Bob Marley

Anyways.. how could I possibly be upset when there are idiots proving far worse could happen when one decides to do things to themselves like... David Blaine. His latest stunt is hanging 6 stories high without a net upside down Central Park for 60 straight hours.

I heard about it on 101.0 radio this morning while getting ready for school. I think my West Indian maco-ciousness (fastness/inquisitiveness) insists that I go camera in hand to squirm in person.

Health risks of what he's attempting to do are limitless... First of all, he's hanging upside down. That's a literal rush of blood to the head. There's going to be a build up of pressure. Gravity takes the blood away from the brain, so that there isn't a build up. Unlike the male nether regions, there's no blood vessel mechanism in the head to control the blood flow if it becomes too much. He could go blind, hemorrage, and such... As for his legs, the heart has to work several times as hard to get blood all the way up there defying gravity. Yea, right. So, the consequent result could be.... since your muscles need oxygen to survive... lets just say they die off one by one.

Idiot. I really don't see the value, or purpose of this...


Read more at the links below...


That is all for now.
Shelli Out.

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