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So... backtrack a little... I'm still super tired. School is exhausting.


Yesterday was the NFL kickoff concert in Central Park/Columbus Circle.

I had my first class, Political Science (7.50-9.05 am) and afterward I decided to explore Manhattan a little.. or rather try and find Manhattan Mall on 34th St. (I was unsuccessful yesterday, and I my luck was not any better today). Somewhere along Staples on 34th and umm... Park Ave.? I think Aquaina mentioned Usher is in Central Park.

Now... my response went like - "He IS?! Where?! How can I get there from here?! OK I'm on my way..!"

I caught the D train to 59th.

As I stepped out I could hear the music from the subway stairs. I was wondering on the train if I'd be able to find the place... But I realized all I had to do was follow the music.

Anyways, right now music and I are just chill buddies. I don't really have any real favourites... but after this concert, it kind of makes me want to go out and buy three new albums, Usher, Keith Urban and Natasha Bedingfield.

Keith loves his fans and his (unfamiliar to me) music has a nice beat.

Natasha... I LOVE her song "A.N.G.E.L." and "Piece of your heart". I heard it for the first time yesterday and I absolutely fell in love...

And Usher... *sighs wistfully* And that's all I have to say...


Below are some photos from the concert
taken with my crappy phone camera.
I had too many people in front of me
to take proper pics of the stars
themselves, but at least I could
see the screens right? And every
so often I could glimpse them on
stage when the tall people in front of
me shifted a little.


Anyways I'm sleepy.
Good night world.
Shelli out.

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