What it was, not what it became...

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Fear is what keeps us from attempting that which we think should do. Intuition is what rationalizes why we shouldn't do it. Therefore, if it is to protect what has the potential to harm in such a detrimental manner to shake even the ground upon which we stand... so do you tread lightly ahead and take the risk...? Or take your self in one piece, your pride intact, and feelings safe and tread safely in the other direction...?

What if that which we wish to attempt was sized and boxed right in pretty pink paper with a card that said from "Convenient" and signed at the bottom "at the wrong time". Do you still open the box? Pretty paper and all...? What if you knew for sure that inside was packaged with Swiss chocolate regrets... Turkish Delights of maybes... and a big Toblerone, triangular shaped milk chocolate could've been coating over a nut nuggets with nuts never happened, should've happened, but didn't happen and too late. Each treat with just the right amount of sweetness and creaminess that's expected from European chocolate...


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