Happy Earth Day!!!

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The chromosome divides, multiply and thrive
And the strong survive, and the strong survive
We're lacking something - good
Something good, yeah
Is this all for nothing?, oh
Good, something good, yeah
-'Darwin' 3EB


Tomorrow work starts back.

I'm surprisingly enthused at the notion of the routine starting back tomorrow. It means that my life is not just idle with sleep followed by moments consumed with undecided consciousness roaming around until sleep once more seems sensible. What a waste of life.

I'm meeting Danielle tomorrow. Depending on how that meeting goes, i'll be able to tackle this new venture of mine. I shan't utter a word about it yet. I shall not jinx myself... But i'm thoroughly excited. *clasps hands together gleefully*

OoOoOo joy... Fresh beginnings.

I'm going to start backing my bag and stuff for tomorrow.

*skips away clicking feet together occasionally like Fred Flinstone*

and the strong survive... and the strong survive....

Shelli out.

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