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cyn·ic [sin-ik] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1.a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view.
2.(initial capital letter) one of a sect of Greek philosophers, 4th century b.c., who advocated the doctrines that virtue is the only good, that the essence of virtue is self-control, and that surrender to any external influence is beneath human dignity.
3.a person who shows or expresses a bitterly or sneeringly cynical attitude.
5.(initial capital letter) Also, Cynical. of or pertaining to the Cynics or their doctrines.
6.Medicine/Medical Now Rare. resembling the actions of a snarling dog.

[Origin: 1540–50; <>Cynicus <>Kynikós Cynic, lit., doglike, currish, equiv. to kyn- (s. of kýōn) dog + -ikos - ic]

1, 3. skeptic, pessimist, misanthrope.

Dictionary reference 'Cynic'


It seems now that sleep is synonymous with 'futile effort'.

I'm trying to help Lis organize am impromptu presentation on the Islam faith for tomorrow. Thus, i called the only person i knew could help. Richie. He was to return my call - which he did - as i started running down that runway preparing for lift off for destination 'La La Land'. It's really not his fault... it was 5 in the afternoon...

I'm just so unbelievably sleepy it's not even funny, it's probably hilarious.


One of the most amusing events happened to me today. The purpose which i serve primarily was lessened, and transferred in such an inconspicuous manner that it's only in post-shock had i realized the transpired events. In retrospect, i sat baffled trying to figure out how did it happen and what logic i should make of it. While the greater part of me that serves for the belief in the greater good in all things tried to discern it into something short of a... let's say... a semi-major trivial mistake... the CYNICAL part is going 'You-have-GOT-to-be-kidding-me?! What sort of genius re-arranges plans like that?!"

The concluding thought was to stop thinking so hard and accept it in the best way possible: re-arrange the plans back to suit... And if the problem arises again, deal with it hands on. I still can't possible perceive how the slightest notion of the such can enter ones mind and lead to a process that shifts and affects things so greatly, and still expect cohesion in the process...unity as a body...acceptance as a rule.


I taught Form 3A for the first time today. As i took my time, probably a couple minutes late, stepping apprehensively towards the class, my mind was swirling with thoughts tumbling over each other so fast it was difficult to comprehend. (long sentence eh... hmm... which reminds me.. CLOD had a ridiculously long PARAGRAPH sentence) As i stopped right before the class, i took a deep breath and entered.....


......It was awesome. They were an absolute delight to teach. They sat. They listened. They participated. They took notes. They weren't disruptive. They were polite and not particularly rude. The only things that they probably did were very trivial things that lack importance to me. It may be a stretch to say they were diligent - as it was only one class...

But, the important thing is that i feel as if i taught, and more importantly, i feel that my imparted knowledge has been understood. It's all i could really ask for.

I thoroughly enjoyed teaching them.


I also taught the Form 4s for the second time today. I believe today's class was better, not that they're a rowdy bunch. Yesterday, they appeared a bit distracted. Today i tried to get them as involved as possible... Trying to encourage some participation. And they did. Like 3A, I couldn't have asked for a better class to teach today.

I had fun. They had fun (i think). I feel as if i taught, they said they've learned. I'm pleased. I'm as contented as a that always happy looking Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Today is one of those days that really make me love my job. That feeling that progress is being made... That small feeling of accomplishment.


I must post pictures of my Guinea Pig Fonzy. He's such a miserable little critter that derives such great pleasure in creating work for me... that i derive even more pleasure in depriving him/making him work for his treats. *evil laughter*

Just kiddddding... I think. Fonzy is an adorable fuzzy little animal that is rather entertaining with his antics. He's an abyssinian guinea pig, meaning he has these natural "rosettes" or i call them whirlpool swirls in his hair. My Fonzy has about 9 i think. My mum was hellbent on defining each swirl, since it is to my understanding, a show guinea pig must have at least 8 rosettes. NOT that they have guinea pig shows here in Grenada. I've only heard in passing about dog shows here once or twice, and even then it was hardly comparable to the international dog shows.

He loves carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, citrus fruits, sour sop and bananas. He's spoilt and throws Paris Hilton-like tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants. By Paris-like tantrums i mean he goes out of his way to unhook and flip his food bowl, along with its contents, onto the sawdust in the cage when he's upset. We've tried numerous things to prevent him from being successful recently by tying the bowl onto the cage with some wires. Everything else, he carefully observed how mom fixed it onto the cage and worked fervently to undo her efforts. This included gnawing at the pieces of cloth, unhooking the bowl by tugging it down the sides to loosen the tension (the bowl is in a \_/ shape so if you get it down a bit, problem solved) and downright ignorant knocking until he was successful. My Fonzy is so smart.

I shall post pictures soon.


My kids forgot about the launching of Drama today. I forgot to remind them.. Oh well.. there's always next week. That gives me more time to plan our sessions... If i do this right, they shall thoroughly enjoy each session. I'm planning to structure it like our Drama teacher back in college did. In the beginning probably do some sessions involving lots of activity and actual dramatzing... Then perhaps we could do some character development and plot development sheets... then probably some sessions on what this thing called drama really is.. some history behind it.. different theatre styles..

Mr A. was awesome. He was particularly philosophical, enjoyably talkative, enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge, and directly involved with the art on a professional level. At the end of the Mr. A experience one could not come out anything but ...... enlightened. Through him we were given the opportunity to touch what a real performance is like, behind-the-scenes as well as on-stage. We understood the level of creativity, the effort and the dedication it took to put something like that together. At risk of being cliché, the play was a sum of many parts.. There's scriptwriting, costume planning, character development, casting for characters, prop making, and a host of other things... We didn't win the competition, but people loved the play and our performance.

As a Literature student with a mandatory drama section of the course, it helped a great deal to comprehend each drama lesson... Also, some of the A level questions actually cover these things...

*sigh* i miss college..


'tis all.
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Shelli out.
Ciao y'all

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