In all your getting...

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... get clarity.

There is nothing worse than leaving a complicated situation with a whole lot of information and opinions. Overwhelmed with all sorts of emotions AND still be confused. One must seek clarity.. so that at the end of it all, one can be as annoyed as they like, happy as they like, sad as they like - but guaranteed that confusion shall not be an emotion felt.


Well... It seems that coming down to the end I'm catching this 'World Cup Fever'. I don't even watch/like cricket. I don't even understand the simplest concept of the game beyond the 30 second attention span/tolerance i have for it - no matter how many times i try to understand.

Ok that may be an exaggeration... I don't really like any sport unless i'm playing it/ or a part of it...

Yet i found myself walking towards the stadium with my parents... All excited and what not... I must admit it was quite fun. I believe the television makes it look boring. It's a whole different experience when you're witnessing the sport firsthand at the stadium - the cricketers are closer, the ground looks smaller, you realize that glass wall that they stand by on TV when giving awards is this impromptu portable partition ON the field (i'm sure other people who cared a bit more than myself already knew it was on the field..)... BUT its fun. We did the Mexican Wave... It was hilarious the last time it was attempted. These people at the lower portion kept trying to start the wave and everyone was looking at them like *perks eyebrow* "Didn't we just do like 3 round of this 15 minutes ago?" and sat and watched them. LOL...

When the first set of waves started.. it was like the people had no brakes. Just kept going round and round the stadium. 'Twas fun. LOL.. And the clapping. And the Posse/Party stand looked like fun. I saw Mello the mascot through the binoculars, he was in that stand.

The tourists were probably the most entertaining. Not in the offensive, i'm-being-condescending-way but in the they-looked-like-people-having-fun kind of way. Uninhibited, good clean fun. It's always lovely to see people enjoy themselves. More so, when coincidentally the locale happens to be your own country.

That was Saturday's (14th April) game.

I wanna do it again.


Of course before i venture once more into the land of entertainment and Mexican Waves, I must prepare for work next week.

I'm just a-bubbling-over with enthusiasm and excitement at the mere thought of work. yay. -.-"

I must finish my lesson plans. Must come up with a new strategy to get the kids to learn.

I've decided to try a new disciplinary technique. I like to call it Project Little Red Book. With this delightful little book, i plan to record all the bad activity of my students - that is, if they go out of their way to be disobedient - along with the date. Post-idea, i realized that my kids aren't that bad. They're just children. They behave like children. *sigh* My book might be a wasted venture. Hmm... i'm almost disappointed. How 'bout them apples eh?

I better change topic before i start gushing about how angelic my kids are...

This is what happens when you go on vacation. You forget how miserable they were :P. Just Kidding.


Mum and I went to the beach today. Grand Anse had a nice crowd... as did BBC, which we went to. It was filled with tourists - male tourists, and a few families. I suspect some of them were actually cricketers.

It's so weird - not in a bad way - seeing so many tourists around. It's not like how you usual see them mainly in town and Grand Anse, they're like... all over.

Hmmm... I imagine that sounds quite obvious and expected as it IS World Cup Cricket and all.. but hmm... it's seems the classic cliche, you've gotta see it to believe it..

The beach was fun.
Haven't done that in a while.

I'm going to sleep.

Getting up around 3 am to get a headstart on transcribing some notes from Steff's textbook.

Shelli out.

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