Drums keep pounding a rhythm in my brain..

By 1:39 PM

...The beat goes on, the beat goes on
La de da de de, la de da de da
-'The beat goes on' Cher


I finished my lesson plans last night. Yippee!!


Today is the last day of World Cup Cricket in Grenada. That makes work on Monday a reality. It also highlights how ridiculous it is that i'm home.

Today should be a day of celebration in town.

Yet I'm home.. scanning through my contact numbers on my cellie looking for an ideal someone to go and stray with.. I've gone to the beach for the past two days straight.. Why not go again today? Who do i know that would be willing to go to the beach with me...?

Mum has declined my offer. Thus, i need to decide quickly and find alternative means of transportation.. 20 minutes to 5... i can't make it... By the time i get to Grand Anse and deliberate as to where i want to go... it'll be dark out.

OR, i could go help Richie and Brendon sell drinks... Richie did say i do well for the aesthetics of the place. LOL. hmmm... i wonder.. hmm...

Or i could stay home... and do nothing...

I could draw. AHA! I could go by Richie and Brendon and sketch their customers. Capture the essence of what it looks like to be drunk and happy... lol...

hmm... i have to call steph... find out how she's coping... what the report has to say...

Or i could... find someone to call... and relieve my mind of this restlessness.

Shelli out.

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