More photos from the recent botany field trip

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(*backdated post so that it flows with my other one on this topic*)
taken by my classmate Andre.

Dry scrub habitat - Mt. Hartman

We stumbled across some horses along the same path. Look at the ribs... They were begging us for food as we walked along the path. The water grass on the opposite side of the wall had been eaten as far as their necks could reach... 

These horses did look malnourished : (

See the empty troughs...?

For the sake of being on the safe legal side of  things, perhaps our assumptions were wrong. I'm no horse expert, I don't know how to care for one, and I'm sure the owner naturally has a perfectly reasonable explanation... which he doesn't owe me or the public.
No water, no food, dirty conditions

Grand Etang

Goofy chix

J'adore...this pic of Ez and Danielle

Crotons. I didn't upload my photos of this due to a) laziness and b) it came out slightly blurry.
These are supposed to be poisonous I believe.

Again, all photo credits to Andre.
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  1. Glad you like some of them. While i'm sure that we might have assumed wrongly about the horses' condition, the guy does owe the public an explanation unless he wants to get in trouble with the GSPCA.


  2. Sad to see these horses in this condition....something should be done