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Finally... An official post.

A photo of Tracy and Stacey that I borrowed off this website.
The Art exhibition, which I mentioned a few posts back, is being hosted by two artists - Tracey Chan, a Trinidadian artist currently residing in Grenada, and Stacey Byer, a local artist.

The exhibition is titled 'Woma' in honor of World Women's Day... and don't be mistaken, it's not a revival of a feminist movement but rather an opportunity where 'we celebrate our women - our achievements and our progression for the last century.' 

Stellar idea? I think so... and not because I'm a woman but because it's providing yet another forum of creative expression. Stacey and Tracy aren't the sole artists who's works are exhibited. Rather, there is a lovely mixture of pieces from local female artists, those established and those who aren't, with pieces ranging from different mediums - be it paints to even calabash or bananas. (Yes, I said bananas as in real bananas... even I was surprised)

Would it be an annual something? Who knows. The space is being leased to the Grenada Arts Council for the year. The overall intention is to see if some interest can be generated in art locally and... I don't know... add more flavour to our culture and release the chains of some of our minds as it regards to free thinking. Why not paint this? Why not do something creative with that? Who's to say what can't be done?

I spoke to the head of the Art Council and she was saying that there will be exhibitions hosted throughout the year. Each month hasn't been planned out but I believe there's already 2 scheduled, coming up in April and May respectively.

Regardless, if you haven't been to Woma '11 as yet, I encourage you to check it out. It closes off officially tomorrow 25th March. 

The following photos are random samples of what you will see upon visiting. Some of the pieces have already been purchased, a few are still up for grabs.

Again, for those who missed my first post on the exhibition... It's located opposite the museum, on the same side and lower down from MNIB. You should see the above "Grenada Arts Council sign" 
Lilo Nido
Kinah Networking
Textile Sculpture

Junetta Noel
Message in a boli
Collage on calabash

Amanda Hage
Acrylic on paper

Andrea McLeod
The seeing unseen
Chalk pastel
 This piece (above) was my favourite. It's sold already, as indicated by the red dot. *sad face* I made mention of it in my prior post. The background is filled with lines about 'seeing but not being seen.' I interpret it to be in the 'women must be seen and not heard' context. Nuntheless, I loved it.

Suelin Low Chew Tung (That's her in image...and she's the head of the Arts council)
Ladies in red
Acrylic & oil pastel
 Now the following picture was most interesting to me. Sher and I were walking around, snapping pictures, trying to gather up information to do up our posts and then we heard male voices... It wasn't the male voices that were most surprising though but the context of the conversation. I swear it went something along the lines of "...and she made good use of the canvas..." and "...you could see the brush strokes in the work, I like da piece.." Umm... Really? This is wonderful. I know there are male artists... But I didn't quite realize there were young men coming in and appreciating art and able to take apart and criticize the art on a deeper level beyond "I think this looks pretty." I believe it was an art teacher and a few of his male students. So what did Shelli do? I proceeded to follow them with my macco camera.

Regardless, I don't believe they were attending under duress... And more guys, who didn't appear to be students did come in and peek.

My macco shot. And yes, I did make them aware of my intentions after.

Maryse Faure-Taylor 
Where It All Started & Women's Curves

Ursula Williams 

I didn't get a chance to scribble down the title of this piece. My inner (lazy) genius thought it would've been clever to snap photos of the labels as well rather than do the intelligent thing and write it down... The shots came out blurred. However, I do know this was made with the stem of the banana tree. Creative isn't it? And yes, it's a necklace.

That concludes my exhibition post.
Go check it out in person.
C'est tout.
Double kisses

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