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This isn't going to be a very long post word-wise. I'm posting photos I took in the Levera mangrove wetlands and Levera beach. Prior to today, I had never been to the wetlands before. I've seen the lake from high ground and a bit from the beach... but never the way I saw it today. We had to wade through the water because of all the rain... However, that was fine. I like that kind of stuff - I call it a sense of adventure. The water was warm too... and fresh water as well (it's a lake). Enjoy... Do excuse any overly edited photos. I may have gotten a bit carried away experimenting...

Oh... by the way, I went with a group of young people - a collection from college and university. We were observing various protected areas, national parks, scenic locations, etc. on the island for the purpose of familiarizing ourselves for our conservation field surveys.

Wading in the water

roll 'em jeans up.


Jamie now realizing he can't walk along the edge the whole way... without ending up in the water to get to the bridge.

Walking through...


There's a lil' tower

Look at the stilt roots...!

The lake


A moment in time reserved for personal vanity shots... lol


I thought this was amazing. I never saw this before. Yes I'm aware it's most likely just me... But the mangrove in Woburn doesn't look like this to me. Then again, we didn't really go in the mangrove itself... But still, these are above us on the path.

Levera Beach - fellow members

Other side of the lake...that touches the beach side.

There are huge fish in there... in the water where it's dark brown appears to be super deep. We took one step forward in the light brown area and a huge fish jumped out. Seriously?! And people swim there?! I'm sorry. Grand Anse beach had trained me to not trust anything that's not crystal clear blue with white sand see-it-to-the-bottom. I don't want any fish nipping on my toes. Hmph... Ms. Constantine said she thinks there's barracuda in it as well. Barracuda?! That's not a friendly fish...! However, I'm not sure if it's possible for it to survive very long in the lake though...salt water fish in fresh water? There's also tilapia and such.

Cowardly figure afraid to step further in after seeing a fish attempt at toe-nipping. (I'm kidding.. it just jumped out of the water. But nuntheless... me nah ah go in dey fuh nuttin, miss mehh) 

First photo post out of the way.

Next in line...... Botany field trip.
Shelli out.

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  1. yehh... i'm definitely making a visit this year! All these hidden treasures i've never taken the time to discover... smh... saddens me.