What if the storm ends... and I don't see you?

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Ok, enough people have complained for me to write a proper post. I've been hearing that the new stuff with photos is nice but my lengthy typed stuff is missed.


"We've reached our moment of 'pis aller'" - Sher

There comes a point where you've tried everything you can possibly try and you're at your 'pis aller.' It's the last resort, the final expedient of sorts. It's also known as standing on the middle line.

I'm sure we've all had some experience whereby at one point or anything you felt as if you tried everything possible and you were just standing there indecisively at the middle line - no longer clear on one side, but now at the middle confused, and waiting... and observing... because all other options have been exhausted. This location is an interesting place to be because it permits great amount of meditation and reflection...

Why? Because it often begs the question of 'How did I reach here?' No one enters any situation thinking they're going to end up on a completely diverted path. However, such is life. It's what keeps things interesting. The intricacies of each little by-road, track through the bush and cut path makes the whole journey more scenic and keeps us thinking. Most of life's most important lessons are those we learn inspired by great pain brought about by great changes. For me, great pain is anything that makes me feel too uncomfortable. But discomfort inspires growth right? The funny thing is, depending on the situation, it may not only be you that realizes the shift but others with you on your life's journey.

What does it all mean? No one really knows... I'm a fan of the whole 'it's never really over, unless you want it to be, and even then...' theory. One can always turn back around and get back on the original path... or change their goals to suit as they realize what they've wanted wasn't what they wanted all along. The options are unlimited. But no one truly knows how the story ends.

However, when a contrary wind blows like this, the one thing that is for certain - you need to stop and really assess the situation and how to get back to a comfortable place again.

In other words, this middle line is the story of the dog and the nail. You've been lying on the nail feeling the pain for a while now, crying about it, complaining. No one is going to move you off the nail but yourself. But you won't move until you've reached your pis aller, where it hurts enough to do something about the situation. To try something different other than what you've already been doing.

It could relate to your job, your relationship, your school life, your painting/writing ...anything.

I know this post must sound like thoughtless rambling. (And that's because it is) It's been a while since I've written a free-style post... but yea.. I hope you're able to take something from this. I shall get back into the groove of things soon enough and start writing with sense, worry not.

I'm going and do my summary for my class tomorrow now.

'The road is now an open sea,
And suddenly, you're deep enough
To lay your armour down...
...to lay your armour down.'
-"Don't wait" Dashboard Confessional

Sit back and enjoy the fireworks... because none of us expected the flames right?
Ciao, Shelli out.

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