I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying 'AYO, Gotta let go.." I wanna celebrate and live my life, saying 'AYO, baby, let's go...!'

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...And therein commences... or ends my career in acting...

Saturday I somehow managed to get sick from the night prior - don't ask me how. I sincerely thought I lost my voice from all the karaoke. I reluctantly dragged myself to town minutes to 3, convincing myself that the art exhibition would be opened late because it was only running for a short time frame to maximize visitations - but I was wrong and they closed at 2. That's understandable I guess, it's Grenada. I should've listened to dad when he was trying to herald my sniffling, sneezing, possibly slightly feverish backside out of the house.

After I arrived, late, Sher managed to persuade me to come check out Dwight's photoshoot at Modern Photostudios for his 'Mute' clip. MUTE is an idea of his that he's been molding a while now which stands for 'Must Unfold The inEvitable.' The inevitable, in my interpretation, relates to your ultimate destiny - your true potential, tapping into every creative bone in your body to achieve your dreams to their fullest. For the time being, he's developing his Youtube channel and doing short clips to develop his ideas until he writes the full script of a film short.

During the shoot...

Dwight is the official camera man. Photo of him centering the camera on Cemal.
Dwight explaining to us how it works...

Me filming Dwight's clip.


Fooling around afterwards.... Cemal


...and that's a wrap folks!

The finished product....


I was telling Sher... It's really amazing how these things work. I spent the last couple weeks musing to myself about what a disaster this semester is turning out to be. There's so many things I want to get on stream and make happen... Nothing is going according to plan... Distractions are popping up... And then BAM! You stop trying to find a way to make stuff work, and start focusing on what you want to happen and opportunities start popping up.

'When you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny.'
-Dr. Bertrice Berry

As Les Brown says, 'Walk by faith and not by sight... stop asking how it will happen - that's God's problem. You need to focus on your dreams and what you want to become a reality.' Next thing you know, I'm going to all these small events that are epic enough to give me some inspiration...Bring about some fresh ideas, revamp old ones... and as the story goes, when you walk with purpose, you collide with destiny... in that you start to find other people, like Dwight, traveling similar roads to pursuing their dreams - not necessarily the same dream, but a dream nuntheless - with a passion to fulfill it someday soon... And that kind of positive passionate energy is contagious. Even if you're uncertain as to what you want to do with your life, yourself, your job, whatever at that particular moment - it's hard not to feel compelled to do something positive too. It's almost as if all of a sudden motivation appears out of nowhere and plans suddenly start making themselves in your head... and the answers to all your 'how will this ever work?' questions to convert the plan into reality become revealed.

The only problem, I guess, is maintaining that 'wow' after the novelty and excitement wears off. My advice, keep on striving long after the spirit of inspiration has long departed. Somehow I believe, that little rays of sunshine shall shine their light when you least expect it, on the brink of giving up. Remember the darkest hour of the night only means that dawn is about to break.

So... to those pursuing their dreams, no matter how silly or seemingly futile. Much respect to you. Your efforts shall be rewarded.

Shelli out.
Double kisses.

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  1. Raj Eleazer9:17 PM

    Good philosophy..but you know what they say about advice..it is like castor oil, easy to give but hard to swallow...stay focused n maybe the wows may last a longer time

  2. great job on the video!