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"I be frustrated with the way this ish's been aging
And I'm about to take a break and get away on a vacation
Like, maybe Malaysia to escape through meditation
I'll just eat, pray and wait for my day of revelation..."
- 'Fat raps' Asher Roth


"Sometimes in relationships there comes a point where you get serious...
And you cross the line..."
-Lisa Thomas

...And then you cross back.

Cookies for breakfast on a Sunday morning. That's what happens when you're pressed for time with an impending exam and lingering guilt from not studying as much the night prior. Therefore, this shall be a short post.

This weekend has turned into poetry weekend for me. I've been trying to resurrect 'girls night' this year. So far we've pulled off a few movie nights where we did things I didn't even do as a kid at slumber party such as watch movies and paint our nails in wacky colours. So for all of you who've seen me in person recently and been looking at my nails curiously wondering what the hell is going on......... girls night + laziness to remove nail polish has been going on... well for the most part that is, I've gotten comfortable with the crazy colours since.

This Friday I hung out with Sher. As is customary with me, I arrived in town about 15-20 minutes late after deliberating on what to wear for 2 hours. Needless to say, she left my backside and gave me directions as to how to reach the location. Hmph, in all fairness, she could've done like Carly and snooks and tell me they've arrived/left the house --- when in reality they haven't and they're factoring in my twist and turning time so we actually in the end arrive at the same time.

We went to this poetry/jazz chill spot that I never knew existed. I think it's called Le Bistro and my assumption is purely based on a memory of Sher snapping a photo of the dangling outside sign. Guilty consciences about late arrivals always beg for a quiet, discrete entrance with very little observation to details beyond getting to a seat. Now I'm almost certain you already have an idea where it is. I believe I've heard the music before on evenings walking past the building on my way to Josef's, I just could never figure out how to get upstairs and wasn't too bothered to get off-route to find out.

So I shall give directions from the tunnel because it's the flattest route. After passing the tunnel, approach the museum building. Take a left going up the hill. You will see a huge gate with a cannon in the yard. The gate is also roughly opposite of MNIB...and voilĂ  you have arrived. Enter the gate, proceed up the stairs, it's the door on the left.

Apparently, this goes on every Friday evening from about 6-8 pm. I was in love. I made it in time to just hear the last poet... as she was finishing. *sigh* But it was still amazing. Then there was some live jazz music. A girl I know vaguely from Facebook and seeing her face around, Lisa Thomas, sang two covers - an a capella 'Cross the line' by John Legend and a classic 'Summertime' by Ella Fitzgerald. She has an amazing voice. Then we had a put-on-the-spot performance by Sean, a guy here on the island as part of the Peace Corps, who sang two songs (while playing his guitar) - an American classic 'Sweet Caroline' and an boy band classic 'I want it that way' by the Backstreet Boys. Dr. Keans-Douglas was there performing on his harmonica... Mr. Belfon on the saxophone... So...There was a saxophonist, guitarist, etc. (I don't know all my instruments, so consider 'etc.' my cop out) It was lovely.

So... I couldn't help myself. I called dad and let him hear all the good stuff over the phone. He was musing that it sounded just like being at Bourbon Street in New Orleans all over again... It was just that good.

On the downside, the setting is ok. It has those nice yellow lights that give the room that cozy comforting feeling. In the room itself, there are seats where you can sit or space for you to linger around the sides to stand - whichever your preference. There was a table outside with some drinks for sale, should you desire something to wet your throat. It would've been nice if there were some snacks outside - I think there was some but it finished... I could imagine some cake and pastries at this sort of gathering... or even sandwiches... yum. Or perhaps that's my lack of a proper breakfast talking to me.

Nuntheless, that's where we come in. You don't have to pay to come inside. The event is free, open to anyone who appreciates this sort of stuff and just looking for a nice, chill hang out. You may offer a donation in the basket on your way out. Proceeds go towards improving and maintaining the event. Friday coming they're going to have a violinist, electric guitarist and a bunch of other different performers.

Sher's going to be performing one of her pieces, she's deliberating on which to do. I might do one... It's been ages since I've done this. I can't even remember when last I've been to a W.A.G. meeting much less.

Wanna spit sum'n? Wanna play sum'n? It's an open mic.

P.S. Sorry, I forgot my camera this time so no pics. 

I got these quick snaps from Sher.

Mr. Belfon

Dr. Keans-Douglas & Mr. Belfon

"It's been a long day coming, and long will it last
When it's the last day leaving, I'm helping it pass
By loving you more."
-'Isobel' Dido

I'll leave you with a poem to peek-see...
Janette - 'I will wait for you'

Now I shall resume studying.

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