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Brace yourselves for cliche Saturday...


It's been an eventful past few weeks.

A day last week I believe it was... a Wednesday... Yours truly code-blue at the hospital. I can only assume what this "code-blue" is.

Essentially, I have this incredibly stupid fear of needles. However it was never this bad before... Normally I just hate getting any blood work done on me, and I look away during the process. This time though they took 3 vials of blood from my skinny petite constitution. This is the most blood that's ever been removed from me at one single time, and I did it on a foolishly empty stomach (I only had a glass of Orange Juice before I left... I hadn't anticipated that blood work was going to be done that day).

So... I fainted. Or well that's what I keep hearing... All I know is that I very conscious, but I just felt very very weak. My legs and arms cramped up. I suddenly felt very very cold to the point of trembling.

So they "code-blued" me. Next thing there's a bunch of doctors, nurses and equipment in the room and I'm mumuring weakly that all this isn't necessary. I end up getting ANOTHER injection, or rather prick to test my blood sugar which was like 76 or 79. This is pretty low, it should've been in the 90s. My heart was racing. I don't remember about the blood pressure.

I was wheelchaired down to a room back in pediatrics and monitored by my doctor periodically for about half hour to and hour. I was given heat packs to make me warm. Lots of drama.

Now my fear of needles has heightened from all this unnecessary response. *mutter grumble mutter*

However, 2 days later I went to get my vaccines and that wasn't too bad. I got "magic shots" from my Doc, and it was done before I could say "Pizza, pepperoni, mushrooms...."


I started my first week of school.

Boy don't I feel awkward. My classes are quite small - about under 30 students in each except for Intro to Business.

I haven't formulated a real opinion on my views on going back to school as yet, so depending on what time and mood I'm in, if I'm asked "How was your first day/week at school?" the response varies.

I just think it's weird being a student again after being a teacher. The classes remind me there's so much more to learn. On some levels, I wish I knew the material already... And in some ways I'm doubting my capabilities..

But take it one day at a time right? Don't rush things... As long as it's my best effort, that's all that's needed.


Mom left this morning.

I feel quiet. I'm not sure if I'm sad or if it has set in that I'm by practically by myself here for the next couple months.

Then again, this is something I've wanted a while now... and it's not like it's permanent...

*hums the song "I'll be home for Christmas"...*


Tonight I have a dinner to go to by my godsis Devianne. It's the second dinner in her law firm or something like that... awesome.

Then I'm trying to decide if I want to go by Nads Sunday... My aunt was telling me that Brooklyn is quite unsafe during Labour Day parades... I wanted to go since I never saw it or experienced it before...


So yea.
Shelli out.

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