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I have a backlog of updates to update on that I keep promising myself to do...


I got through to school in NY.


So I've accomplished half of another thing on my list of things to do before I die...


For now, I'll settle for being a Manhattan student. -.-

And two other things on that list...
I travelled for the first time in all my years of travelling... by MYSELF.
And I went to the club by MYSELF. *gasp* It was a bit awkward at first... But I saw people that I knew... And I met up with other friends that I knew might/would have been going. It was a fun night. I don't remember when last I enjoyed myself like that. I was soaked when I left...
That's before I slipped and fell down Karma's alcohol covered tiled exit stairs. *mutter grumble mutter* I could've hardly walked properly for days. I spent most of the time laying in bed with an ice pack on my lower back... It still hurts a bit all now.. *mutter grumble mutter*
I rushed to Barbados to get my student visa week before last week Friday, came back Saturday. Went to White Out Saturday night at Karma (by myself... first time I went clubbing solo). Chilled and packed Sunday. Went to the beach one last time Monday, and chilled for a bit. Came home, had a small farewell get-together. Flew out Tuesday evening. Went to the school Wednesday and Thursday. Came to the Bronx, where I am now, Friday night. Relaxed Saturday, went to church this morning Sunday.

That's my week in a nutshell.


I got through to Baruch in Manhattan. After years of constant cussing and complaining about T.A.M.C.C. and their continuous state of disorganization, I came to a developed country where hundreds of thousands of students must've tread through the doorways for decades in order to build their existing good reputation, only to realize disorganization isn't limited to just one little college on a little island in the Caribbean.

I had to first arrive in the department of Undergraduate Admissions to find out that they need copies of my transcripts from high school and college again. Mind you, they could've sent me emails over and over and over and over and over regarding financial information and requirements for the i-20 form BUT they could NOT just as easily sent an email saying "Hey, we need this too?"

I told them I sent these documents MONTHS ago at the desk... then I was informed that those documents since it was sent to and processed by CUNY, and thus, now property of CUNY. Pray tell how was I supposed to know this? I assumed the information would just be sent over to the relevant schools or copies made or something of the sort... I wasn't informed otherwise.


They need the information before Aug. 27th. T.A.M.C.C. still disorganized by spite... and let's not talk about the hell it took to get the transcript from high school... -.-

Positive thoughts Shelli... positive thoughts...


Anyways, I think I could grow to love my new school. It's pretty big. But it feels welcoming nuntheless.

My only worry is that it might be awkward going back to school after two years. I feel as if my IQ has dimmed and dropped a couple notches since college even though I was a teacher. I guess, to me, it was like repeating things that I had mastered at one level over and over rather than learning something new. I started to become stagnant and comfortable... and lacked the willpower to push myself into new things to develop other skills and such.

So... now it's back to school.

Let me try to cultivate positive thoughts... I will do just fine. A little bit of adjusting but I will do fine.


More than fine...

More than just ok.



I have last days beach pictures....

I miss the beach already. *sniffles*

I saw Daniel. We went to the beach a day.. I think it was Wednesday. He insisted that we lay in the HOT sun. I insisted I didn't need a tan. He said there's no such thing as too much tan and not needing one or something to that effect. I don't regret laying in the sun that day... I now rock tan lines on my shoulders... muAHAHAHAHAHA... *sniff sniff* My souvenir..

Shelli out.
I'll be gone till November, gone till November..

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