oOoOoOooooh I'm so clever... i deserve TWO cookies.

By 5:43 PM ,

Late conclusions nuntheless arrive
But blissful emotions follow;
As the high from this gleeful state
Floats me down gently
I have but pleasureful thoughts.

The cat who stole the cream
Has but naught on me,
And this cheerful exterior:
The warmth that bubbles within,
And the dimple on my chin
Will render you none the wiser.

My giddy smile,
The twinkle in my eye,
OoOoOooh I'm so clever.


I just love myself sometimes.. Like really really really love myself. Like I would run up and kiss me on the cheek with a big hug love myself.

Hmm... I wonder if I should be so happy... it's over something really trivial...and something I could have simply done a long long long time ago.

oh shelli.

Spaceships, don't come equipped
with rear view mirrors...
---Oh... but I chose you...---
Don't do it...!
Read some liter-ature on the subject.
-UGK "Int'l Players Anthem"

So as I step off this cloud, one by one, onto lower consequent clouds, I'm still smiling. But the most of my freak-happiness moment is over...

Onto my "The Secret" post...

Marcus Aurelius once quoted "Your life is what your thoughts make it."

Now, don't take me on absolutes with anything thats about to be written in this post.. I merely skimmed the book and my view is that its a collection of several self-help psychology book quotes placed in one.

In my skimming I learned nothing new. I just remembered things I'm supposed to know, and things we all, but seem to forget.

Earlier in the week I started posting about your thoughts and negative thinking keeping you back.

The book says your thoughts work like magnets. The thoughts you cultivate determines what you attract. Negative thoughts = negative things.

If you keep believing something bad is going to happen, ie, your business deal will fall through, you're going to be/might be late for work, etc. It will happen. And if you're already having a deemed "bad" day, you'd look for things to further validate your thought direction.

The universe has no choice but to provide all the things you're wishing upon yourself.

The people who are successful, are the people who have cultivated positive thoughts. Yes they have bad days.. but they put a positive spin on the bad things that happen. Or you let it go, it's not an opportunity to meditate and lament and encourage more negative thoughts. It's an opportunity to sit, think "Where was my error? How do I fix it?", then take immediate steps to do so..

Like Thomas Edision once said...

"I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have
succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have
eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will"

So think positively... I lost my train of thought.


So I've officially... 2 or so hours later reached back to Earth. I'm no longer pleased with myself. I feel horrible.. Oooo the cleverness...

Oh my...
Oh Shelli..


Seeing that I've changed area codes in a semi-permanent way.. I think this calls for a new, mid-year list of resolutions.

This week I shall sit and complete at least 12 (because I think 12 sounds cooler than 10) resolutions to make Shelli a better person and to get me closer to where I need to be to be who I am supposed to be...

And hopefully, when I am who I need to be, I can get the things that I want...

Who knows if the things I want would be the same, after I become the person I need to be, to be the best version of me..?

Oh how I miss...
And oh how I dislike you when you're right Nata.

I hope that all this makes some kind of sense...


If you are what you say you are
Then have no fear
-"Superstar" Lupe Fiasco

Shelli out.

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  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    where would i be without ur perkiness? like da ying to the bad yang. thanks for helping me find my smile :D