I never said prettier, just sexier..

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I miss Grenada.

For perhaps all the wrong reasons... I'm sad I'm missing all those parties in August.. NOT that I would've been able to go to them all, or even made it to half, but the mere fact that I couldn't even if I wanted to.

I miss the beach....

I miss my friends. I get to speak with some online... and there were some I used to talk to more in person or on the phone... and now.. well... yeah.

I miss cussing about high school (my job). I had a dream last night where I saw Ms. Greenidge and she was like "Aw.. you couldn't even tell anyone you were going?" and Ms. Henry was happy to see me in her usual merry way.

And I was driving along the road by Hanky's going down by the market. And the car kept going...


Nostalgia is a bitter, sweet taste that lingers for a while.

Shelli out.

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