I just can't stop...

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I know that they warn against posting too often in your blog... But it's my blog and I feel like posting.. and hell, it's not as if that many people read it anyways...


After talking with Daniel last Wednesday, aside from realizing how melodramatic I had become... I also realized how negative I was too. I only had a bunch of sad stories, or a story that had great potential to end sadly. A few to probably depress beyond tears, and a couple others to just dampen your spirit.

Around the near end of that conversation with Dan, did I start to reflect on these past couple months. Maybe not as thorough as I needed to have been doing, but reflection none the less. It wasn't as if I was delving and gushing out my life story to Dan, it was just how the smallest of things factored into such detrimental monumental impediments to me.

Perhaps I'm thinking too deeply into that one Wednesday. I realized that too, I think too deeply into most things. Too much affects too deeply. Afflicted by the wounds of the infliction by those who have been inflicted to share the affliction.

Anyways.... At the end of it all, I decided I was going to be happy. A couple months back a darling friend Shawn lent me a book called "Life Expectancy" by Dean Koontz - the moral of the entire book was, expected the unexpected, things will happen to damper your spirit, but always try to live and enjoy the simple things in life, and be happy.

At the end of the day... no one is saying you mustn't have a sad story, or that bad stuff won't happen to you/people - good or bad. Its what you choose to do consequently is what matters...

The question isn't, whether the story is a horrible tale, or one of a series of unfortunate events that needs to be related. Relating it relieves stress and is fun and all...

But after what do you do? Do you get stuck in the moment? Every time you retell a tale, it grows in importance and value and seriousness in your mind. Every time the words and thoughts are expressed they become re-etched constantly and act as glue. Before you know it, you're stuck in woe-is-me/how-the-world-has-done-me/society-wrong and you can't grow beyond it, because you're holding onto the emotions of the situation.

The longer you hold on to it... the more stuck in your situation you become. You cut off your growth and you promote negative thoughts.

According to "The Secret"... I'll post on that later... Just click on the "The Secret" on the sidebar or bottom of the page...

Anyways... You are what you think. And you'd go no further than your thoughts. Let go of stupid things. Make room for important things. Get your act and life together.

Oh what a beautiful concept... at least to me.

I'm out. I'm done my melodramatic rambling for now.
Shelli out.

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