Cross my heart and hope to... I'm lying just to keep you here

By 10:31 AM

I feel shick... like a baby.

I've been fighting what I think could be the flu for the past two days. I took two Tylenol so far... Every time I take the tablet, all my symptoms fade away to the point of my forgetting I was sick to begin with. But give the tabs about 3 hours, my eyes start to get warm, my skin starts to feel cold and hurt, and my headache eases its way into acknowledgment. I woke up this morning with a sniffle.


Today I'm going to try to organize and get a cellphone... and then this week try to start weighing pros and cons of my options to stay.

I spent the night at Nad's flat last night. It's pretty nice. I like it. She has a very eccentric colour scheme in all the rooms which I love. The master bedroom has a watermelon vibe, green and magenta, and the two other bedrooms, one is pink and one is purple. Nice sized living room and kitchen. Pretty blue bathroom and tub.

Lookie..... My camera battey was dying
so it's just some quick photos.

Pretty bathroom

The Hallway

Master Bedroom

Extra bedroom

Extra room...

A part of the living room

There is also a patio.. but I forgot to take a pic of it.


That's all for now.
Shelli out.

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