*gasp* I didn't even know this was possible...

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Beijing used rockets to keep the Olympic ceremony dry.

I didn't even know this was possible, and I didn't dream of the possibility of man being able to control weather like that.

It says in this article I stumbled across they would fire artillery into the sky to create rainclouds, which could increase rainfall by 30%, and then the rain would disperse over a different area leaving the location that they want want to be dry, cloudless and rain free.

They apparently do this around times of celebrations and such.

The Independent

China's cunning multimillion-pound plan to manipulate the Olympic weather seems to be yielding results. While rain drenched the capital yesterday, the downpour that should have fallen on Friday night was averted; Olympic organisers fired a barrage of 1,110 rockets into the evening sky to make sure the 2008 Olympic opening ceremony was precipitation-free.

Making rain
How did it begin?
It may sound like science fiction, but cloud-seeding was developed in the 1940s by US chemist Vincent Schaefer.
What is cloud-seeding?
Particles injected into a cloud act as nuclei to which water vapour freezes. The resulting droplets fall as rain or snow.
How does it work?
Silver iodide is fired at the clouds from aircraft or artillery batteries.
Cloud ownership
Occasional rows break out between countries over who "owns" the rain from clouds.
The debate...
Some meteorologists say it can boost rainfall by up to 30 per cent. Others disagree.

*several hours later*

Isn't that interesting...

Anyways... Shelli out.

Today was my Godsister's birthday. She had a dinner and a small gathering...

I'm super sleepy.
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