Huh...? naw...Foolishness...Actually, I stopped believing in you days ago.

By 7:59 PM

You know, I can't speak for everyone, but when I was younger somehow I always equated being older with experience and wisdom. As a result of working this past year along with a host of other "big girl" responsibility events that happened, I'm realizing something else... Age has nothing really to do with experience and wisdom. Being older doesn't necessitate that either has been learned... it just means that there is a greater chance due to the time span that one should've gone through certain experiences and learned from it.

However, not everyone makes mistakes and learns from them. Some of us keep repeating the same mistake over and over, some of us vary the technicalities of the mistake and live in denial, some of us become so accustomed to the mistake that we accept it as a way of life... and essentially go through life in a "spinning top in mud" way. If you don't learn from your mistakes, is it fair to say that you are wise, or have gain wisdom over the years...?

Also, with the changes in society and the young people being in such a rush to grow up, it seems some experiences aren't solely experienced in adult life... and while one could argue about the maturity aptitude of the students, some of them are forced to become mature very young...


I hope that made sense.


School has started back. My lord... I'm sooo tired. The doctor wasn't kidding when she said the first couple weeks would drain me because of how sick I was.

When I came home yesterday, I was on the brink of collapse. I went into my extra reserves of energy to run around school plus I think I was dehydrated. My throat was burning when I came up from my afternoon classes. As soon as I got home, I just dropped everything, changed clothes and went straight to bed - knocked out.

Same thing happened today. Halfway through watching soaps I just abandoned that mission and went straight to bed... Hell... I would eat dinner and go straight back to sleep now, but I have some class planning to do for tomorrow.


Ugh... I'm not sure if this is going to work. This miscommunication over the airwaves that seem to ricochet in every direction but clarity. I'm not sure if tolerance on my part could last much longer either... I'm just not sure anymore. Tired of hearing, "I'm a do right".

Wasting words on lower places and capitals.

Pardon my tone...


If you want a do right, all day, woman
Then you've got to be a do right, all day, man
-Aretha Franklin "Do right woman, Do right man"


Shelli is tired.
Shelli is frustrated by the days events.

Shelli is out.
Goodnight world.

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