Cherry blossoms bloom and the sun smiles along too...

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Today is yet another day to attempt to post a proper entry here. I'm tired... but now I'm not sure as to whether it's because I'm truly tired or if I'm just accustomed to being tired so my mind tells my body so...

So tonight I shall try to type up something worth the effort of reading...


Today was good. I started my first practical class with my Form 4s... This is the first time they're doing art, so that's 3 years they didn't have. Last week, I did a crash course in the theory - made the basic vocabulary into a nutshell - Elements of Art. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan I could find some way to incorporate the theory in a by-the-way method with the practical. They all forgot to bring their stuff, so they used impromptu green pea tree leaves from outside. I can't rush the lesson... and I have to constantly remind myself to go slowly... But from one class, I think they show promise.

For tomorrow's class, they will be bringing in boxes. Nice, simple boxes. Perfect for clean lines... to understand basic shapes... to see distinct shade values. Yummy. *glares* Let's hope they remember. I shall go look for some things around the house in the event they do...


Floating on sunshine happy.


Ok, so yet again I have failed. I started this post early, punctuated it with snack breaks and all I've succeeded in doing is let the tiredness truly sink in.

Nite nite.
Shelli out.

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