Gimme gimme more...

By 11:10 PM

"It's Britney, b*tch!"

Britney is back!!! I must say the opening line, quoted above, of her first single kind of throws you off. However it seems like swear words are the cool "in thing" now, everybody is doing it. Avril is the "mother****ing princess" and Linkin Park is wondering "what the **** is wrong with me?" so whats wrong with a little "b*tch" from Britney.

*shrug* see what's wrong with society and the media... They're numbing me to the effects of swearing. After my initial shock wore off from Linkin Park's new album 'Minutes to Midnight' and all the unnecessary swearing involved compiled with Avril's new "edgy" lyrical style parallel to LP, by the time Britney released this single, words have become something short of blasé for me.

It's just words right?

So back to Brit Brit.

I think this new track 'Gimme gimme more' is the HOTTEST thing ever. I believe it truly has the potential to become a club anthem... well I'm not sure if here in Grenada... BUT I would hope so. It's got a nice strong beat, catchy lyrics... I mean... c'mon... gimme gimme more gimme more... *wink*

AND for Britney there's some double innuendo depth to the song. One can interpret the lyrics two ways (or more... but I don't think it's THAT deep :P)... firstly, a response to the unwanted press that's all involved in her life... and secondly an overtly sexual song about wilding out on the dance floor. That's a whole new level for Brit.

(If that sounds sarcastic.. it really isn't meant to be... I really do love the song...)

And then the second single "Cold as fire" is a bit of an acquired taste. My first reaction was... "what the hell is that annoying chirping sound? Is it my computer speakers? Is it some bird fight outside?"... My second reaction was "What's up with her voice...?! She sounds like a little kid... *blink blink*".... BUT after constant self-inflicted bombing on my eardrums, compliments and the two-in-one videos, I finally warmed up to it.

It's catchy. It's fun. It's Britney.

Go Britney! Go Britney! It's your comeback!

You're bringing sexy back. *wink*... Uhh... bad analogy... has she and Justin made up yet?



We keep it rockin.....

I have work... in the morning...
So... Lemme lemme roll
Into my... my.. bed

Gimme gimme more.
Shelli out.

P.S. Is it just me... or is Post Secret skimping on the secrets recently? I scrolled through in like 5 minutes or less... what's up with that? I swear it feels like Frank is cheating - Last week he posted two secrets twice. He did it again this week. *mutter grumble mutter* I feel so cheated.

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