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By 9:33 PM

Signal Fire.

Clouds in my coffee. Come stir my cup.

"All thats important now, is that whatever you decide to do... You don't use it as an excuse."


Forgiveness... just let it go.

An ounce of truth exists in all thats been said, always. Sometimes we just don't see the ounce at once - but it's there.


Long.. long... long day. I'm super tired. Work was eventless and yet tiresome. For now, I shall be thankful... my free periods shall soon be but a distant memory when the new timetable is finished... and my tiredness shall be for legit reasons of having actual work to do rather than lack thereof... Bleh...

Dropped by dad's office. Saw Nevon and got to chat about music for a bit. Went to visit Shads at the hospital. I reckon she'll be fine, but they're not entirely sure whats wrong... But I believe she'll be ok. My lil' sis... of course she will...

I'm soo tired... Must... go... now...

I'm losing coherency..

Shelli out.
*falls asleep at keyboard*

P.S. I finally got the time setting right for my posts... so the times are finally right - sort of. It's according to what time I started the post, rather than what time it was published... oh well.

P.S.S. I don't want to wait... forever

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