Why... hello there darling, My first teenage love affair.

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Life lesson #3: Don't dwell on the negative when there is still a life to live...and remember, turn around is fair play.

So after having an unfortunate fortunate turn of events, I found myself standing in a pool of "What ifs?" and "Maybe this...", "Perhaps that..." and "If I remember
accurately, there's that one vague incident that time before the last when I almost kind of called and the rain started to fall and it was like a metaphor from God... a vague psychic moment..."

I said unfortunate fortunate because after months of praying for a turn around, and ultimately accepting things for the way they are like a cynic with my pessimistic expectations.... what I was waiting impatiently for seems to be happening... and all it has rendered is me being one thoroughly confused individual.

Pleasantly surprised yet slightly annoyed.


I decided that why question everything. What will be, will be. What is in the dark, will eventually come to light... and until that point - Be happy.

Why devote so much energy into validating unhappiness when you can sit and revel in the moments of why you should be happy?


Nobody sits one place for a long time because they don't like the situation they're in... and even if they don't like it, nobody sticks so long lest it bothers them enough to move....


Love will come find you, just to remind you... who you are.
- Alicia Keys

Yesterday was Adri's birthday.... 'Twas a unique experience. A friend who isn't really supposed to celebrate birthdays celebrating birthdays.... I hope she enjoyed it.

Adri says she likes her gift... *perks eyebrow*

Tomorrow is daddy's birthday.... We're planning a surprise birthday party. Yummy.

OOooo and Renata's birthday was the 27th of Feb... but I finally got around to getting and giving her a birthday gift... she claims she likes it... I must look for something more.

I gave my friend their necklace today... they say they likes it...

I've lost so much faith in my ability to buy nice gifts.... hmm....


Another secret meeting
On the 5th floor stair case
I'm wanna give you this letter
Of all the things I cant say
Want you to be my first my last my ending and beginning
I wrote your name in my book
You last name my first
I'm your Mrs.

When the lights are on outside
Could you find somewhere to hide
Cause I just don't want to say goodbye
Cause you are my baby baby

Nothing really matters
I don't really care
What nobody tell me
I'm gunna be here
It's a matter of extreme importance
My first teenage love affair
-Alicia keys

Shelli in love.
Shelli floats to her exit.

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