Aww... sugar....

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Waiting on you is like being an insomniac around 12 midnight,
checking the clock every minute to see how close I am till morning.


I spent the whole day trying to enlighten those around me.

I had the most delightful conversation with Liz today... It's been a while since we spoke. Been an even longer while since we spoke like that. I would elaborate but I'm sleepy... but in essence it was about schools and future plans.


I have that song by Leona Lewis 'Bleeding Love' stuck in my head... I mean it's nothing particularly extraordinary. It's catchy, yes. However, perhaps I'm just young and yet too jaded appreciate anything new hitting the airwaves in the way they should be appreciated...

But the words... It's a pretty song. It's pretty like candy flowers.

Isn't it a pretty song?


*hand in cheek, stares blankly at the screen*
I'm frustrated.
Frustrated to the point of boredom.
I'm going to bed.
Shelli out.

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